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I'll give my husband in good hands

Duration: 3 hours with one intermission

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  • Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos», Yekaterinburg

Pavel Antoshin considers himself a good husband and father. But one day, returning from a business trip, he learns that his wife Margarita has gone to another man. But that's not all: Margarita offers her friend Larisa instead of Pavel! Such a life turn so outraged Paul that he immediately put both ladies out of sight. But the story did not end there, rather, it just started from this ...
It would seem like a funny joke, but Emil Braginsky, the author of such wonderful works as “Watch Out for the Car”, “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”, “Office Romance”, “Garage” and “Train Station for Two” is always ready make fun of a gullible viewer, then to unfold before him the tragic and ridiculous story of the death of one family. And then show how his heroes, following the thorny path of suffering and loss, gain a new meaning in their own life through love.
After all, only love can save this crumbling world, tell us the wonderful actors involved in this performance. First you only need to imagine this love, and then just believe in it!