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Kortnev Alexey

Born October 12, 1966 in a family of engineers.

In the first songs written in the 7th grade, it was about bonfires, tents, love and other romantic camping accessories. What was the first creative impulse in the biography of Alexei Kortnev.

In 1983, Kortnev, enrolled in the Mechmath of Moscow State University, went to audition at a music studio at the Student Theater of Moscow State University and met Valdis Pelsh, with whom he appeared on the scene two months later under the name “Duet Unfortunate Case”. In a short time, the composition of the “NS” increased to four people, which became a new round in the biography of Alexei Kortnev.

He played for the KVN team of Moscow State University in the 1987-1988 season, which positively influenced the further development of Kortnev's biography.

In 1988, Kortnev had a son, Artemy, married to I. Bogushevskaya. Subsequently, three more sons were born - Nikita, from a marriage with gymnast Amina Zaripova - Arseny and Athanasius.

In 1990, Alexei Kortnev, together with Valdis Pelsh, actor Igor Ugolnikov, Sergey Denisov and Andrei Guvakov, came up with and participated in the production of the popular television program Oba-na. Then came the television projects Debiliade, Blue Nights, Pilot, Accident, etc. This was the beginning of popularity in the biography of Alexei Kortnev.

For a long time Kortnev combines playing at the Moscow State University's Theater, performances and tours of the Accident group with work in film and television.

Kortnev writes texts for advertising, he coined the slogans “Pepsi”, “Wrigley”, “M & M's”, “Moccona” and others. Together with Valdis Pelsh Alexey Kortnev was at the origins of the program “Golden Gramophone” on “Russian Radio”, time led the eponymous transfer to NTV. This was a new page in the biography of Alexei Kortnev.

Translator of texts of popular foreign musicals staged in Russia ("Cats", "Eastwick Witches", "Mamma Mia!", "Beauty and the Beast"), which only positively affects the biography of Alexei Kortnev.

He played the role of Romashov in the domestic musical “Nord-Ost”.

Kortnev is the author of texts and music co-author, as well as the performer of most of the songs played in performances released in co-authorship with Quartet I, Radio Day, Election Day, and in the films of the same name Radio Day, Election Day. This was a new interesting lesson in the biography of Alexei Kortnev.

A talented poet, author of most of the lyrics performed by the group "Accident", the author of the lyrics for the performance of the 2008 Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov's The Little Humpbacked Horse. The performance was awarded the Highest Theater Award of Moscow “Crystal Turandot” (nomination “The best performance of the season”, 2008) and the National Theater Prize “Golden Mask” (nomination “The best performance in the genre of operetta / musical”, 2009). Which is only positive reflected in the biography of Alexei Kortnev.

He voiced Jack the Pumpkin Lord in the translated version of The Nightmare Before Christmas (scripted by Tim Burton).

He led the “Accident” program on Ren TV. An employee of the ATV television company, for a long time was the voice of the television company screensaver.

He performed and wrote songs for many television programs ("My Family", "Director for Himself," "These Funny Animals" and others). This became a new page in the biography of Alexei Kortnev.

The main discography of Alexei Kortnev coincides with the discography of the group "Accident". Kortnev also solo released the disc "Alexei Kortnev and the" Musical Directors "Russian Chanson Illegends" and recorded the album Mu-Mu and Lawyer together with Vladimir Kachan. Which led to a new round of popularity in the biography of Alexei Kortnev.