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Khovanskiy Alexander

Born October 8, 1974.


Alexander Khovansky graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School in 1997. While still a student, he began to rehearse the role of Petya Trofimov in the play “The Cherry Orchard” of the Sovremennik Moscow Theater. After graduation, he was accepted into the troupe of this theater. Among the works on the stage: Rode (“Three Sisters” by Chekhov), Head of the Secret Police (“Once Again about the Naked King” by Leonid Filatov), ​​Pyotr Verkhovensky (“Demons” by Dostoevsky), Arman Duvall (“Lady with Camellias”), Nim ( Shakespeare's “Windsor Mockers”), Robert Lokamp (“Three Comrades” by Remarque), Serega (“Go away, go away!” By Nikolai Kolyada), Hatcher (“Sweet-voiced Bird of Youth”).

In addition, Alexander Khovansky took part in projects of other theaters: “The White Knight” (Theater Agency “Le Chur”), “Silver Cow” (Theater Agency “Alan Decor”), “Trouble in the“ Dovecote ”(Theater Agency“ Art Partner ” XXI ") and others.


The actor regularly appears in various films and series, playing, as a rule, supporting roles. Among the roles: field investigator Kharlamov in the series Ondine, Dod Tyshler in the series Moscow Saga, investigator Vadim Andreyevich in the series Doomed to Become a Star, Mikhail Rakhlenko in the series Heavy Sand.

Prizes and awards

  • Laureate of the Prize "For Best Actor" at the Amur Autumn Film Festival.