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Shifrin Yefim

Born March 25, 1956 in the village of Nexican, Magadan Region.

In 1973-74 he studied at the Faculty of Philology of the University of Latvia. In 1974-78 - at the pop department of the GUTSEI, course of R.G. Viktyuk. He began playing in the Moscow State University Theater Studio in 1977 ("Goodbye, Boys!", "Night After Graduation"). In 1978-88 he worked at the Mosconcert. In 1980-85 he studied at the faculty of stage directors in GITIS.

The first solo performance - "I would like to say" (1985), mainly based on the works of V. Koklyushkin. The following performances were staged based on Koklyushkin’s works: “Three Questions”, “The Round Moon”, etc. (Moscow. Variety Theater, 1988-90). Since 1990, the creator and artistic director of the "Shifrin Theater", whose repertoire includes the performances "Photography for memory" (1991), "New Russian Solitaire" (1997) and others.

Shifrin is also a performer of vocal works in his performances and concerts, among which are the romances of D. D. Shostakovich on the next page. Sasha Cherny (play “I play Shostakovich”, 1990), “Jerusalem” by M.A. Minkov, “The Return” by V.L. Matetsky, “Southern Night” by A.L. Klevitsky and others. Performer of roles in the film " Bolotnaya Street "(1992), in the humorous newsreel" Jumble ", video clips.

Author of the books "Theater named after me", co-authored with G.V. Viren (1994) and "The personal file of Yefim Shifrin" (1997).

At the beginning of the new century, he continued the creation of traditional March benefits with participation of Russian pop stars.

Prizes and awards

  • Laureate of the 1st Moscow Pop Art Competition (1979).
  • Laureate of the 7th All-Union Pop Art Competition (1983).
  • Winner of the Golden Ostap Award (1992).
  • Winner of the award of the international network of World-Class clubs - "Mr. Fitness" (2000).
  • Winner of the Raikin Cup Award (2001).
  • He was awarded the Diploma of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports, the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness of the Government of Moscow for the promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle (2006).
  • Winner of the 2nd Prize and Nikulin Cup in the television show "Circus with the Stars" (2007).