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Sherstnev Yuri

Born April 24, 1941.

Honored Artist of Russia.

One of the brightest performers of the roles of villains - criminals, basmachi, Koshcheev, etc.

He graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. A.P. Chekhov in 1963, course V.K.Monyukova.

After graduation from the studio, they were invited to the Moscow Art Theater. But the artist went to Kiev.

For two years he played at the Russian Drama Theater. Lesia Ukrainka in Kiev, then for a long time at the Theater. K. S. Stanislavsky, then in the theater "Sphere".

Today - an actor at the Perovskaya Theater.

Collaborates with the Center for Dramaturgy and Director p / r A. Kazantseva, M. Roshchina.

He is seriously interested in music - he plays the trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drum and harmonica.

It restores old musical instruments.