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Belozerov Pavel

Born December 1, 1960, in Moscow.

Honored Artist of Russia (1998)


Pavel Belozerov graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. After graduation, the young actor first played at the Moscow Art Theater, and then, after his split in 1987, joined the Moscow Art Theater named after A.P. Chekhov. Belozerov worked in the theater until 1999, was busy in the performances: "The Cabal of the Holy One", "Waiting for Godot", "Summer in Crimea".


At first, Pavel Belozerov rarely starred in films and mostly in episodes, and with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the actor completely disappeared from the screens. Only in the mid-90s he flashed in the comedy television series "Strawberry", playing the owner of the cafe.

The situation has changed in the new century. The actor successfully fit into the emerging Russian cinema. Since 2004, he regularly starred in various films and TV shows: “MUR is MUR” (Mikhail Mosin), “State Counselor” (Larionov), “Everything mixed up in the house ...” :( Ivan Yurievich Arbuzov), “Urgent number "(Evgeny Borisovich) and others.