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Steklov Vladimir

Born January 3, 1948 in Karaganda.

People's Artist of Russia (2000).


Vladimir Steklov was born on January 3, 1948 in Karaganda. The childhood of the future artist passed in Astrakhan. Volodya grew up without a father; mother and grandmother were engaged in upbringing. He didn’t study at school, and after school he hurried to the street, where his friends, football were waiting for him ... The usual childhood of an ordinary Soviet boy. But there was something that distinguished him from others - this was a fascination with the theater.

Love for the theater Vladimir instilled in his mother, who worked in the People’s Theater as chief accountant. Together they went to all the performances: first to the puppet theater, then to the Youth Theater, drama. Did not miss the tour of the metropolitan groups. The boy especially liked opera productions: Faust, Rigoletto and Demon, he knew by heart.

Nevertheless, for a long time Volodya did not think about the acting profession. The beginning was laid by participation in the theater studio at the Teacher’s House, where he signed up with a friend. At one of the amateur art shows, their team with the play “Two Colors” based on the play by Avner Zak and Isaia Kuznetsov won the prize. They especially noted the role of Glachar in the performance of the young Steklov, advising him to enter the theater school. After graduating from school, Vladimir followed this advice.

Studying in the theater

Vladimir Steklov passed the exams at the Astrakhan Theater School successfully, and this with his terrible diction! How, laughing, the actor himself admits: "I did not pronounce 38 letters of the alphabet, or 42, how many of them are there, I do not remember." Vladimir was given the condition to correct his deficiency during the first semester. The young man took it with great zeal and soon became a full student.

After the second year, Vladimir Steklov decided to try himself in the capital. He went to enter GITIS, but there failure awaited him. After an unsuccessful audition, he returned to his native Astrakhan, where he continued his studies at the theater school. The irony of fate - many years later, Vladimir Steklov headed the acting course at the RATI (formerly GITIS), becoming a professor at the institute, where he had not been accepted to study ...

The beginning of the creative path

At the end of the theater school, Vladimir Steklov was drafted into the army. After serving in the ensemble of the Air Force "Flight", he returned to his profession. He played first in the Kineshma Theater, and then in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsk. Years passed, Vladimir Steklov turned 33 years old when an incident occurred that changed his life.

In 1981, his theater was on tour in Moscow with the production of "Idiot." Steklov played the most difficult role of Prince Myshkin in the play, and he managed to make a great impression on the audience and specialists in the capital. But most importantly, the actor managed to impress the head of the Moscow Drama Theater. K.S. Stanislavsky Alexander Tovstonogov, who invited Steklov to his troupe.

On the stage of the theater. K.S. Stanislavsky Vladimir Steklov spoke from 1981 to 1989. One of his most striking works: the role of Sharikov in the play based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s play “A Dog’s Heart”. And in 1988, Vladimir Alexandrovich was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Late movie debut

Vladimir Steklov made his film debut quite late - at thirty-five years old. In the tragic melodrama of Natalia Velichko “The hurricane comes unexpectedly,” he played the role of Zakhar Dudko. And then the actor swam, suffered !!! Already in the next 1984, three films with Steklov’s participation were released immediately. In the adaptation of Dead Souls, he plays Petrushka, in the psychological detective Inna Tumanyan, Partners, Tsyplakov, and in the wonderful adventure film by Vladimir Grammatikov, Faith. Hope. Love ”creates the image of an experienced soldier Sorokin.

Further more. Film after film, role after role, Vladimir Steklov is gaining national fame. It’s enough to recall his Lopatov in the eccentric drama Vadim Abdrashitov “Plumbum, or The Dangerous Game”, Senya Orlov in the detective Veniamin Dorman “Broken Circle”, Scherbaty in the heroic adventure film Boris Grigoriev “Award (Posthumously), the investigator in the super-popular Svetlana Druzhinina "Midshipmen, Go!", Bertuccio in the adventure film by George Jungvald-Khilkevich "Prisoner of If Castle". Most of the characters of Vladimir Steklov of that period relate to supporting roles. However, according to Steklov himself, there are no works for the artist: whether it is the role of the next performance or the next film. Therefore, any of his characters always turned out to be very memorable.

Wear work

In 1988, Vladimir Steklov was already one of the ten most sought-after Soviet actors, and his main role in the socio-psychological melodrama Nikolai Skuybin “Homeless. Without a specific place of residence. ” The actor admits: “The role is very expensive for me. Essentially, Homeless is a monofilm. Perhaps on the screen I have not yet had to create a character of such depth. My character is a man with an unfavorable fate, life shook him in cities and villages, but in this mess, in all the turmoil of life, he did not lose kindness. And this is the main force in a person that helps to survive. The hero understood this when he arrived in the city where he once lived, where he left his family. There is a teenage son. And now they, initially embittered all over the world, gradually find in themselves a desire for contact, a force that overcomes loneliness, which makes a person a person. ”

1988-1991 - this is the period when Vladimir Steklov literally works in films. Up to a dozen films a year! The role of Semyon Portnoy in the adventure thriller Crime Quartet brings great popularity to the actor. Four friends performed by remarkable actors Vladimir Steklov - Nikolai Karachentsov - Boris Scherbakov - Vladimir Eremin, engages in a fight with organized crime and emerges from it as the winner. The audience remembered the role of investigator Amelin in the social-criminal drama “Process”, an engineer at the Moscow Research Institute Sergei Gusev, who was enslaved to salt mines in the thriller “Savva”, Khrustalev in the drama “The Middle Circle”, which tells about the dark Stalin era of the 30-50s. At the same time, it is impossible to say that Vladimir Steklov had any specific role. He plays the role of both good heroes and real villains with equal success.

Theater and personal life

In 1989, Vladimir Steklov moved to the Lenin Komsomol Theater, where he worked until 1997. Of the plays he performed in Lenkom, Tevye the Milkman was most remembered for in the play Memorial Prayer. This role he played in line with the outstanding actor Evgeny Leonov.

Steklov came to Lenkom, being married to actress Alexandra Zakharova, daughter of Mark Zakharov, the head of the theater. This was the second marriage of Vladimir Alexandrovich. And from his first wife, with whom he lived for seventeen years, he left his daughter Agrippina.

It just so happened that the years of marriage with Alexandra Zakharova coincided with the years of work at Lenkom. Nine years later, they parted, and soon Steklov left the theater. True, he himself does not connect these two events with each other, and he explains the withdrawal by an offer to work in the play “Antigone in New York” at the School of the Modern Play Theater.

The end of the 90s turned out to be very fruitful for Vladimir Steklov in general. There was a time when he simultaneously collaborated with five or six theaters, including the Moscow City Council Theater, Anton Chekhov Theater, Satyricon, an independent project by Tatyana Dogileva and others. Amazing performance! But this is the hallmark of the Steklov actor. He did not try himself only in directing. Yes, and why? This, in his opinion, is already a completely different profession, and everyone should do his own thing. Engaged professionally, which he does.

Such different roles

As already mentioned, Vladimir Steklov happened to play a variety of roles - both positive and negative. And how wide is the range of his heroes. Among them are such famous personalities as: the leader of the peoples Stalin ("Hammer and Sickle"), his son Vasily ("My best friend, General Vasily, son of Joseph"), Frunze in "The Tale of the Unburdened Moon" and even Adolf Hitler in the movie "Ticket one way". And also: homeless people and princes, investigators and anti-Semites, lawyers and artists ... The list can be listed for a very long time. And in every role Vladimir Steklov is surprisingly organic!

The role of Joseph Stalin to Vladimir Steklov was first proposed to be played back in 1989 by Yuri Kara in his film “Feasts of Belshazzar,” but then for various reasons the actor refused the role. A new proposal came in 1994 from the director Sergei Livnev, who began shooting Katrina "Hammer and Sickle."

Having received the same proposal, Vladimir Steklov suggested that he would have to fiddle with the makeup for a long time, to which Livnev replied: "I do not need a complete portrait resemblance: there is something else." Indeed, a complete portrait resemblance was not needed. When they shot the scene with Stalin, everyone froze: a very strange thing happened. At some point, everyone was suddenly frightened: Steklov’s face in front of everyone “turned” into Stalin’s face. That's what acting means! Steklov himself on this occasion argues that "entities" do not pass by, settling inside the actor, pulling him to pieces, freeing up his place and crowding out something important ...

In the mid-90s, Vladimir Steklov starred in one of the films, which could become a significant phenomenon in Russian cinema. We are talking about "Master and Margarita" by Yuri Kara, where Steklov played Azazello. But for various reasons, the film simply “disappeared”. Rumors spread that it was almost impossible to film Bulgakov’s novel. As if some kind of curse is hanging over him. But ten years passed, the film adaptation of “The Master and Margarita” was directed by Vladimir Bortko, and then the audience saw the version of Yuri Kara. We saw and were able to enjoy the brilliant game of our actors: Vladimir Ulyanov, Valentin Gaft, Alexander Filippenko, Victor Rakov and, of course, Vladimir Steklov.

Among other works of Vladimir Steklov in the middle and second half of the 90s, it is worth noting the role of Karozich-Bodlevsky in the series Petersburg Secrets and the Decoupling of Petersburg Secrets, as well as Kapiton in Yuri Grymov’s film Mu-Mu (based on the novel by Ivan Turgenev )

Space dreams

The end of the 90s was marked for Vladimir Steklov not only by hard work in the theater and cinema, but also another event. During the filming of Yuri Kara's film “Prize - Flight into Space” based on the novel “Kassandra's Brand”, Vladimir Steklov successfully completed a one-year training program “cosmonaut-researcher” at the Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City. It was assumed that part of the filming will take place at Mir station. And if it were not for the problems that arose with the financing of the project, Vladimir Steklov would be the first actor to be in space.

Well, failed, failed. Vladimir Alexandrovich himself does not regret it: “I never regret anything. During the year of preparation for the flight, I received so much that I would not have been able to experience in ordinary life. I am very grateful for this. Remember how the Master said in “The Master and Margarita”: “I dreamed of going around the globe, but I am content with just this view from the window. But this is probably not bad. ” It’s not worth making big plans. ”

In the new century

With age, interest in Vladimir Steklov, as an actor, does not wane. The beginning of a new century - and new roles. Belenky in Pavel Lungin’s drama “The Oligarch”, an official of Chulkov in the popular series “Stop on Demand-2”, investigator Zhogol in the series “Secret Sign”. Not all films and series in which Vladimir Steklov is shot are successful. He also had occasion to participate in frankly weak films, such as The Angel's Joke. But the skill of the actor can be seen even through a weak script and helpless directing.

Fortunately, Steklov’s assets still have many strong paintings. In 2007, he finished a lot of work in the film “Krechinsky's Polonaise”, filmed according to the Sukhov-Kobylin trilogy “Krechinsky's Wedding”, “The Affair” and “The Death of Tarelkin”. The actor played two completely different characters - Tarelkin and Kopylov, which required both external and internal reincarnation. As the actor himself admitted: the material is unusually complex, but at the same time unusually interesting, and he received great pleasure from the work.

The younger generation could watch the outstanding actor on the popular series "Cadetism", which was shown on the STS channel in 2006-2007. It is no coincidence that the creators of the series entrusted Vladimir Steklov with the role of ensign Kantemirov, a career officer who passed Afghanistan, and, perhaps, was engaged in something completely unusual for him - the upbringing of Suvorov boys. Why glass? Because, according to Vyacheslav Murugov, producer of the film, director of the entertainment series department of the STS television channel, actors with a strong civic position act as teachers of the cadets in Kadetstvo, which can serve as a true example of courage for viewers. This applies equally to Vladimir Steklov, and to Alexander Porokhovshchikov, and to Vadim Andreev, who play the main roles in the film.

Following the "Kadetstvo" on the STS channel, a new series was released - "I am flying", in which the main roles were played by the popular Vladislav Galkin and charming Maria Gorban. Vladimir Steklov plays in it the head physician of the hospital.

Next in line are the films “Margot. Fiery Cross ”,“ House of Exemplary Content ”,“ Drilling-2 ”... New, interesting works. Indeed, for a real actor, that “very-most” role to which he aspires is always ahead.

Personal life

Currently, Vladimir Steklov married a third marriage. They met with Olga in the late 90s at the theater. One of his friends brought her to the play, and then they were introduced to each other. Acquaintance grew into love. Olga is a dentist, a well-known specialist in Moscow, doctor of sciences. She has her own clinic. In the third marriage, Steklov had a daughter, Glasha.

The eldest daughter of Vladimir Alexandrovich - Agrippin Steklov followed in the footsteps of his father. She graduated from the RATI workshop of Mark Zakharov and became an actress. She has a great relationship with her father’s current wife.