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Grebennikov Vitaliy

Born April 5, 1974.

In 1996 he graduated from the Yekaterinburg State Theater Institute; in 2002 - Russian Academy of Theater Arts-GITIS.

Laureate of the international competition of young performers of the Russian Romance "Romansiada" in 2001.

Artist of the songs of Alexander Vertinsky, Peter Leshchenko, Vadim Kozin, Yuri Morfessi, Leonid Utesov, Valery Obodzinsky, Georg Ots. As well as popular urban romances and pop 30,40,50,70-ies.

Since 2005, has been a member of the troupe of the Vl. Mayakovsky.

Collaborates with the Theater "Center for Drama and Directing, production of A. Kazantsev, M. Roshchin."