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Smirnitskiy Valentin

Born on June 10, 1944 in Moscow.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1991). People's Artist of Russia (2005).

In 1965 he graduated from the Theater School. B. Schukin.

He worked for Anatoly Efros at Lenkom and at the Malaya Bronnaya Theater.

He made his film debut in M. Bogin’s film “Two”. Over 35 years, he starred in almost fifty films, including The Seven Old Men and One Girl (1968), Shield and Sword (1968), Premature Man (1971), D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers ( 1978), “Once Twenty Years Later” (1980), “Fathers and Grandfathers” (1982), “Prokhindiada, or Running in Place” (1984), “Visit to the Minotaur” (1987), “Musketeers Twenty Years Later” ( 1992), Don Quixote Returns (1997), Love of Evil ... (1998) and others. He is currently an actor of the Moon Theater (Travel of Amateurs, Tender of the Night).

He was married three times, has a son and a daughter.