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Pashutin Alexander

Born January 28, 1943 in Moscow.

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1992).

Childhood and youth

Alexander Pashutin was born on January 28, 1943 in an ordinary Moscow family. For the first time it happened to try on an acting profession in kindergarten, at matinees, in the form of a rooster. Then, the mother of the future actor said prophetic words: "The cock is your first role." Then a fun life in the Moscow House of Pioneers, in the famous children's song and dance ensemble named after Loktev. Touring, touring, touring! For the life of the actor, the first trip to Ukraine in August 1953 with this ensemble remained in his memory. Alexander Sergeyevich was 10 years old, but he remembered all the details of that whole tour - Vinnitsa, Kanev ... Then they celebrated the reunification of Ukraine with Russia, and the children performed on occasion at the central Khrushchev stadium in Kiev. And each was presented with large boxes of chocolates and Ukrainian embroidered shirts, watered with fresh milk, here for the first time a city guy tried Ukrainian borsch. I forever remembered the July cherry in the villages, which hung with branches from rural courtyards on the road - rive - I do not want to. Wonderful!

Then there was the Suvorov School and the theater circle with him: it was then that the theater bacillus finally settled in Alexander Pashutin. And then it started: the studio at the Stanislavsky Theater, in which the young man entered after the eighth grade. The teacher Ivan Tarkhanov then said to his student: "If there is a" vitamin TT "- talent and temperament - everything will be all right." But this is most likely still given by nature. This very nature did not deprive Pashutin of his TT! At that time, Nikita Mikhalkov and Inna Churikova, Mark Geykhman and Lisa Nikishikhina studied at the WTO studio at the time. All the two years of study, the students were engaged in theater performances, where Yevgeny Leonov worked then. And most likely it was precisely during these two years of study that a person understood whether he should devote his life to this profession or not. And Pashutin decided for himself firmly and forever: "Probably worth it." And dedicated.


Then there were unforgettable years of study at the Moscow Art Theater School, where the great masters Tarkhanov and Komissarov, Toporkov and Massalsky taught. After graduating in 1968, the young actor was invited to the Gogol Theater, not the worst, it should be noted, the theater. True, Oleg Efremov at that time said: “Be patient there for a year and I will drag you to Sovremennik.” But then he took over the Moscow Art Theater and Pashutin remained in the Gogol Theater, where he worked for 13 years, which, incidentally, did not regret a day. Since 1985, Alexander Pashutin moved to the Yermolova Theater, then to the Mossovet Theater, and since 1996 he has been playing in the Mikhail Kozakov Entreprise.

Cinema. The beginning of the way

Usually, if a theatrical actor succeeds in acting in a movie, then his life branches out into a cinema and another, ancillary, theatrical. Alexander Pashutin, fortunately, did not skew. He continued to love his theater and acted in films. At the same time, the actor always remembered - in every film you need to star, as in the last. Otherwise, if the actor plays poorly, then someone will say afterwards: “Well, to hell with it! He is a bad artist. ” It is this unwritten "law" for which the artist follows, though not often, and heard this: "Sasha, the picture is weak, but you are a fine fellow, you are nothing!" In general, Alexander Pashutin believes that he has developed a flair for weak pictures . He even at one time was going to collect paintings, which he refused, in order to see them later on the screen. And indeed - weak paintings turned out to be weak scenarios, and even critics did not leave stone unturned on them. The first picture of Alexander Pashutin was from Peter Todorovsky. In the melodrama City Romance, he brilliantly played Dr. Crich. Then there was the team leader Kachnov in the drama “Prize”, Semyon Semenovich Govyadin in the film novel “Walking through the agony”, Lyamin Kirill Petrovich in the adventure “Disappearance” and the passenger who dislocated his jaw in the “Crew” disaster. Pashutin all the time acted in film and never grabbed his head: "My God, what am I?" Cinema, yes, it gives fame, or better “fame,” although to whom it is convenient and like ... And, to be honest, a good financial situation, even in Soviet times. And, most likely, the most important thing is experience. Indeed, Alexander Pashutin had to act with those with whom he would never have met in the theater: Pavel Kadochnikov, Boris Andreev, Nonna Mordyukova, Evgeny Leonov, Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Evgeny Evstigneev ... He recruited them as an artist experience. And this is an important addition to its innate “vitamin TT”.


1984 was an extremely filming year for Alexander Pashutin. He was invited to the role of Gmyr in the detective "TASS is authorized to declare ..." and offered to play Kostya Fedotov in the film "Profession - Investigator". Then there was the romantic comedy “What Senka had?”, The melodrama “Why does a man need wings”, the image of Platonov in the sensational crime story “Proceed to liquidation”, the drama “Preference on Fridays”, the film novel “I am responsible for you”.

And, of course, the role of the intellectual architect Spirkin in this year, so productive for the artist, in the parable of the great master of "male cinema" Abdrashitov "Parade of the Planets". In an existential drama, the director put on fame a male group portrait. Its heroes are each whole world, each as an independent planet: stargazer Leleg Borisov in the center of the company, the meat Sultan Sergey Shakurov, Pukhov from the reinforcing Pyotr Zaichenko, the Soviet functionary of the city scale Sergey Nikonenko and “tied” Alexei Zharkov. A truly interesting, stellar constellation of actors.

A little later, in 1986, Alexander Pashutin again starred with Vadim Abdrashitov in the role of Ruslan in the wonderful film about the beginning of Perestroika - the drama "Plumbum, or The Dangerous Game."


In general, Alexander Pashutin was lucky for the attention of eminent directors, masters of domestic cinema. In total, the actor has over eighty diverse roles. For Eldar Ryazanov, he starred in such a famous film as the city parable, the social tragicomedy “Promised Heaven”, vividly playing the driver, the representative of the city dump of the early 90s - the dump on which people live - homeless people, those who could not adapt to the conditions brutal reality, and which even here greatly interfered with the city authorities and had to fight for their rights as beggars.

Then there was the role of the red commissar in the urban fairy tale, the wonderful melodrama "Hello, Duralae." The hero of Alexander Pashutin organically fit into that pretty outsider that Ryazanov wanted to sing, and which was supposed to unite the lovers of heroes. All the characters in the film, brilliantly played by Vyacheslav Polunin, Tatyana Dogileva, Boris Scherbakov, Alexander Shirvindt and Olga Volkova, correspond to the places and functions that the wise Ryazanov assigned them.

Peter Todorovsky Alexander Pashutin starred in the film about the life and morals of a military town in the first postwar years, "Ankor, still Ankor." A tragic melodrama filmed in a retro style. Alexander Pashutin, however, in this tape was busy in the role of the second plan. Although, having entrusted the secondary roles to magnificent actors, Todorovsky expanded and deepened the living space of his film. The characters of Pashutin and Nikonenko, Ilyin and Yakovleva, Gnilova, Malevannaya and Ilyin reflected on the screen in the faces all the diversity of the generation of winners.

And Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky in the socio-historical thriller about the dark era of the 1930-1950s, “The Inner Circle”, Alexander Pashutin was engaged in a cameo role. The first film, as a belated response to the Stalinist theme, so popular in the era of perestroika, shot by Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky in Russia upon his return from the United States. The producer’s condition was to take American actors in the lead roles - this is how Forman Amodeus - Tom Hals - and Lolita Davidovich appeared in the role of projection engineer as his wife. They played conscientiously and sympathetically, but the director, one cannot help but notice, did everything brilliantly so that, to the best of their completely different experience, they would somehow look against the backdrop of the amazingly supporting roles of Alexander Pashutin, Irina Kupchenko, Evdokia Germanova and Maria Vinogradova.

"Last Hero"

Alexander Pashutin is an open and easy-going person. But you will never see him in cheap programs and vulgar talk shows, because, despite the flexible character, Alexander Sergeevich knows his worth well. True, he willingly took part in The Last Hero. Although the trip to the island was not an attempt to test oneself. Firstly, the actor at that time was 59 years old. Most likely, I thought: for once, he will fall into the Dominican Republic? Never in my life! And here we went, and even the company was good - people are wonderful, everyone knew in advance who would go. Well and then, of course, it was really interesting to test your body, the coefficient of strength in the body, in the brain, in the psyche.

Because there are completely different conditions! Not like at home: a three-room apartment, where you just clap your hands: “Lyuba, give it!” And the wife serves everything like a fabulous tablecloth-self-assembled. There - on the island, in the middle of the ocean, among the wild - the conditions were completely different. You can even say - no conditions! Therefore, of course, this was of great interest: to try yourself, who you are and what you are, how and how much you still function. And in the end, it seems like nothing, there is still gunpowder in the powder flasks of the actor Alexander Pashutin!


Successfully, Alexander Pashutin blended into modern cinema. In 2004 alone, he played about a dozen roles. The role of Shnyr in the series “The Fighter”, participation in the filming of the crime drama “Secret Sign. The formula of happiness ”, strict and at the same time cunning Semen Natanovich Kovler in the film“ Hope disappears last ”, as well as roles in films and series:“ Count Krestovsky ”,“ At an unnamed height ”,“ Narrow bridge ”, etc.

The directors do not forget about the talented actor, still inviting him regularly. TV shows, full meter, - Alexander Pashutin is shot everywhere, if he considers the material interesting. And the roles are all different. Here, for example, his Eduard Georgievich Orlov from the series “Luba, Children and the Factory” (2005) - a typical Soviet positive labor veteran and incorrigible henpecked. And here is the courageous General Grigoriev in the TV series “Death of an Empire” (2005). His handsome Tregub was also remembered in the military film “Leningrad” (2007). And, of course, shooting in Kiev in a military detective story, the series "Death to Spies!" (2007). Alexander Pashutin played one of the main roles of Major Cherepakhin, a real Russian servant - kind, economic, paternally related to soldiers. Alexander Sergeevich excitedly talks about the work, about the film crew, about the excellent organization of the whole process: “I'm just fascinated by the director Sergei Lyalin! I didn’t even think. You know, when they asked Jean Gabin what was the most important thing in the film, he answered: “Firstly, secondly, and thirdly - a good script.” So it is here. From now on, if the company Star Media will offer me a very small role, without hesitation I will refuse any other, even more profitable ones. ” Such recognition of a famous actor is worth a lot.

What should be so in the scenario for the great actor Alexander Pashutin to take on it without hesitation, right away! Even good actors do not always draw a bad script. Although, Pashutin had work ... let's say that we are all people, we are all “people”, we all go to the store. And nobody has canceled the money yet. But you often see the picture and it’s clear - this actor is removed because of money. So Alexander Sergeyevich had to somehow “get a shot” in one series - the scenario was useless, there was nothing to play there, but oh, they paid well. Of course, the actor understood that there wasn’t enough art, and his conscience was whispering something ... But he has five grandchildren, though they don’t hold out their hands and don’t say “grandfather, let me eat!” But he all the same, all the same, "grandfather" loves them all ... But even so, the actor is still demanding of himself, he will never agree to black "porn" for any money. ...

Personal life

Often, actors, people of creativity, do not always have enough time to be a father, husband, grandfather enough ... But Pashutin is okay here, as they say “on the ointment!” He was, however, a good dad, he is a good grandfather and a good one husband. And the actor’s wife has enough time, and grandchildren. “Sitting on the stove”, of course, he would devote more time to them, but from his wife he never heard: “You were not at home for a month and a half, tired!” She is a wise woman, especially since she is from Kiev, from Podil. And Alexander Pashutin also has a beloved mother-in-law, by the way, also from Kiev. And he is her, ooohh! For her - at least for the embrasure. She, to give her credit, has not said a single transverse word for all years! How not to love this one!

Actually, by nature, Alexander Sergeyevich is very balanced. He never experienced stress, he does not even know them. Well, he, like everyone, had some troubles in his personal life. But one cannot say about Pashutin that, for example, he drank from emotions, he was a non-drinking person, or there ... he hung himself, cut his veins - God forbid! Life is so beautiful! But about sports - in this Alexander Sergeyevich is just crazy! He goes to the "pump up" club, plays tennis well, loves to swim, just loves the steam room ... "He always said that film and theater actors are lazy people. But you have to take it as a rule that you should do your body! Give it at least an hour and a half, but every day! ”- Pashutin Alexander Sergeevich advises everyone, and brothers, as an actor and just people.