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Budina Olga

Born February 22, 1975 in Odintsovo, Moscow Region.

State Prize Laureate. Best Actress of 2002 by Channel One rating.


Since childhood, Olga studied a lot and seriously. And although her parents are in no way connected with the world of art, she herself began to study music. First on the accordion class. Then she switched to the piano. Then she mastered keyboard synthesizers. She was a soloist of various children's choirs.

Olga dreamed about the scene since school times. In the fourth grade, she played in a children's play, and then in the pioneer camp "Eaglet" participated in a literary and musical production about the life and work of Garcia Lorca. In the humanitarian lyceum, where Budina studied in the historical and literary class, she not only performed at all lyceum events from Knowledge Day to March 8, but even created her own theater and staged the musical “The Princess and the Pea”. There was also a vocal and instrumental ensemble organized by her, where Olga soloed.

Olga recalls her childhood: “As a child, I was a tear-off, I walked with yard companies until my pulse lost. But at the same time I studied a lot. There were serious plans: I dreamed of entering Gnesinka. She longed to travel around the villages and collect folk songs, rites, traditions. In graduation classes, I even had my own theater, where the guys and I came up with mini-performances, sort of historical and poetic compositions. Once they staged the musical The Princess and the Pea. I sewed costumes and was absolutely happy. Loved this thing. "

In parallel, Olga graduated from the school of young philologists. She studied at the Pushkin school and was seriously engaged in ethnography. Conducted tours of the Pushkin village of Zakharovo, located near Odintsovo, became a guide of the third category.

Schukin School

However, parents believed that all these are children's hobbies, and the profession should be serious. Therefore, after graduation, she seriously decided to enter Gnesinka. However, her plans unexpectedly changed. “I already studied with teachers from Gnesinka,” recalls Olga, “when I once went for a walk along the Arbat and stumbled upon the Shchukin school, where I saw a crowd of applicants. Intuition pushed me to book an audition. ” She did not have to prepare for the tours: the girl’s poetic and song repertoire was immense. But Olya “defeated” the commission led by Vladimir Etush by the fact that after the fairy tale “The goat had no grandmother” and the fable “Butterfly and Dove”, she read the poem in ... Spanish. Surprised Vladimir Abramovich asked: "Is that all?" To which Olga replied: "No, not all." And "issued" the Russian translation. When it came to the dance, Olya asked for permission to take the “attribute” and pointed to the shawl (her talisman for all exams). Then everyone laughed: Olya mixed up the “attribute” with the “props” from excitement.

What was Olga’s surprise after listening to when she found out that she alone received three fives: “I was in shock, because my parents told me that you can get there in any way you like, but not natural ...”.

From such happiness Olga for a long time could not come to her senses. As she herself claims - "I went to school and smiled blissfully at lectures." This nonchalance almost cost her deductions. After the first session, when she received “conditional” tests in all subjects, Olga finally realized that she could lose everything. And then she took up her studies. She studied hard, sitting in the school all days, and sometimes nights, staying to sleep in the gym. Such dedication soon bore fruit: already in her second year, she received the highest rating for acting.

First roles

Olga made her film debut in 1996, while still a student at a theater school. She starred with another young artist Alexei Zavyalov in the short film "Playing" The Little Prince ". She also starred in the series at Gorky’s studio “Sailing the Sun”, but he wasn’t finished. Due to a shift in the schedule in Alexei Uchitel’s picture “Female Name”, she missed filming in the English film, as she had already planned her schedule for six months ahead and thought that the filming would take place in Tunisia, and there was the August crisis. The real debut in the movie of Olga Budina can be considered the role of Grand Duchess Anastasia in the film by Gleb Panfilov "Romanovs. Crowned Family", in which she began acting in the 4th year. Gleb Panfilov was looking for performers in the role of the daughters of Nicholas II, calling for samples of almost all the girls in Moscow and the Moscow region. Samples were held in approximately this way: the director showed the applicants photographs of the royal family and asked: “What do you think, who are you like?” A classmate friend advised Olya to try on the role of Anastasia.

The debut was quite interesting. According to the plot, the girls and the prince suffered from measles and, so that the hair did not fall out completely, before leaving Tobolsk they all were shaved bald. Olya at that time wore long hair, she was planted in front of the camera instead of a mirror and cut off under a comb. When Budina left the set and saw herself bald, she began a real hysteria. The first sacrifice to art was made.

The film "Romanovs. The Crowned Family ”opened the International Festival-2000, and the picture appeared on the screen only in 2001. The picture was a great audience success and recognition of professionals. In 1997, Olga Budina graduated from the Theater School. Acting in films, Olga missed screenings in theaters. As a result, she never got into any theater, but she does not regret it. “... in the end, she chose the path outside the theater. And now I understand that I was right, ”says Olga. Although, as she claims, if she is nevertheless offered an interesting job, she will not refuse.

After graduating from college, Olga played small roles in the comedy “Could we send a messenger” (call girl), the film “Flowers for the Winners” (prostitute) and the series “DD DD Detective Dubrovsky's dossier” (neighbor) and one of the main roles - the Englishwoman in the series "Simple Truths". However, it was not known to the general public, but to the Romanovs. The Crowned Family ”has not yet been released.


The fame for the actress brought participation in the television series “Border. Taiga novel ”(2000), where she played the main role - Marina - an officer’s wife who fell in love with her husband’s colleague. The action takes place in a small garrison on the border with China. In this environment, clear conditions of the game: no trickery, charter, serious men who are engaged in serious business. But ... "love accidentally comes upon you when you are not waiting for it at all" - it is sung in a famous song. In the taiga wilderness, inhuman passions gradually boil!

Filming "Borders" took place in the Bryansk region, in Shaikovka. And the first to recognize the future favorites of all of Russia were local residents. “Oh, we were so loved! One woman, her name is Tatyana Petrovna, sewed us dresses. After all, we did not even have time to manage a movie wardrobe. First, she created the cream dress in which my heroine Marina waltz dances in the second series. And when she already sewed it, she said: “Olya, I have one dress. I put it on my own wedding, ”recalls Olga Budina.

For two weeks, the film was shown on central television throughout the country. In an instant, Budina, Guskov and Basharov - the leading performers - became famous and popular. In the same year, 2000, Olga starred in A. Teacher’s drama “The Diary of His Wife” (Galina Kuznetsova), Boris Hiller’s action-thriller “The Check” (secretary), and L. Pchelkin’s drama “Salome”.

By the age of 25, Olga Budina has become one of the most successful young actresses. Even at school, teachers noted a very rare quality of a novice actress - the ability to combine different roles. She proved it with her successful films.

Fruitful 2003

The great success of the actress was an invitation to shoot in the series "Idiot" (2003). Olga herself believes: "What happened to us is a very big, grandiose little thing." Budina played Aglaya Yepanchina, the general’s daughter, who fell in love with Prince Myshkin. It so happened that the image of Aglaya was practically unfamiliar to the audience. Few people are currently reading the classics, and in the film adaptation of Ivan Pyryev, the novel was significantly reduced, and as a result, Nastasya Filippovna performed by Yulia Borisova became the main character.

Director Vladimir Bortko brought the image of Aglaya to the same level with Nastasya Filippovna. This imposed a huge responsibility on Olga Budina. And the young actress brilliantly coped with the role. Olga Budina says: “I was so immersed in Aglaia, in the 19th century, that I even decided to get better. Dostoevsky says that Aglaya loved to eat tasty food. I began to turn into a bun, my cheeks appeared. ... I liked just such Aglaya. During the filming, I was so imbued with the life of a girl from a noble family of the 19th century that I am still in captivity ... I can’t call anyone now ... In general, it’s great happiness to work with partners such as Zhenya Mironov, Inna Mikhailovna Churikova, Oleg Valerianovich Basilashvili. "

After such success, Budina starred in the TV series The Moscow Saga, staged based on the novel of the same name by Vasily Aksenov. She played the poetess-Trotskyist Nina Gradova. It is interesting that in the story, at the beginning of the film, her heroine is 20 years old, and at the end of the film - 48. In the same 2003, Budina starred in the film - an adaptation of the novel “Bayazet” by Vladimir Pikul. The heroine of Budina of noble origin, also Olga. The actress talks about her heroine: “This is a woman with an already established fate, a dramatic female, who married an unloved person by necessity. And she is forced to live in a military garrison, watching her beloved, who once betrayed her so cruelly, and to cope with her feelings, and then with this war. And, in the end, this girl, who just didn’t let our soldiers run away from the battlefield, when they wanted to run away from there simply from fear, from shock, from surprise. ”

Another work of Olga Budina - the role in the children's film "The Joy and Sorrows of the Little Lord", filmed according to the novel by the English writer Francis Berner. O. Budina: “His action takes place in England and America of the nineteenth century, in the center of the story is the fate of a little boy, I play his mother. A smart, wonderful children's movie that will be interesting for an adult viewer. Everything is beautiful and expensive, with great taste. After watching the audience come out updated, cry. And these are tears of tenderness, tears of tenderness. ”


At the end of 2003, Olga Budina met with Alexander Naumov, a prominent businessman involved in real estate and construction. As the actress herself admits, at that time she was in a state of terrible fatigue - during the year she had to play in several films and series. Already on the second day of meeting, Alexander said that she just needed to relax

Olga Budina says: “He offered to go to Nice, where the oyster season was just beginning. And this is the second day of dating! I don’t even remember how I reacted to this unexpected proposal. Exactly a week later they rang my doorbell, and Sasha stood on the threshold: “Have you not got ready yet?” I'm just in shock. So he took me to the Cote d'Azur. Everything was great. Sasha fed me oysters and gave me a lot of beautiful jewelry. ”

Alexander conquered Olga, and in early 2004, four months after they met, a wedding took place. At the end of 2004, a happy son was born to the happy couple, who was named Naum. Olga Budina plunged into household chores: housekeeping and raising a son ...

Return to the set

The return of Olga Budina to the set took place in 2006. She was invited to the role of Nadezhda Alliluyeva, the wife of Stalin, in the series "Stalin's Wife."

Talking about her work, Olga compares it with the role of Anastasia in the film “Romanovs. Crowned Family ”:“ For me it was, one might say, a symbolic role. Do you know that the king’s daughter Anastasia and the leader’s wife were of the same age? Both were born in 1901, and both were victims of the communist regime. And, oddly enough, it happened to me to play both ... "