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Proklova Helena

Born September 2, 1953 in Moscow.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1985).

Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.


Her father taught programming and cybernetics at the Military-Political Academy, her mother is a teacher. Elena grew up in a favorable environment: many cultural figures and actors were friends of her parents, her great-grandmother and grandfather were the actors. The dacha where they lived was located in the dacha village of scientists, artists and artists. True, relatives did not think about the career of the actress for Elena, because from the age of four she was engaged in gymnastics and at the age of eleven she became a master of sports.

"Call, open the door."

Lena's grandfather, Viktor Timofeevich, a former actor, worked as the second assistant director, and at home after work he mostly talked only about troubles and problems in the cinema, and, naturally, the granddaughter did not want any acting fate. It so happened that at that time director Alexander Mitta was looking for the main character in the film “They Call, Open the Door!”. Schoolgirls went to the studio in droves. Not a single one suited him. 11 thousand candidates were rejected. Lena often visited her grandfather at work, sat there for a long time, did homework and, one might say, was her own, everyone knew her. She even learned the text that was offered on samples to applicants. And here is the hand of fate - the director, during the next viewing, suddenly “saw” her, and Lena was approved for the first role.

The film tells about the amazing discoveries of a twelve-year-old girl who, on the instructions of her beloved pioneer leader, is looking for the initiators of the pioneer movement in the city. Getting acquainted with a variety of people, with the world of complex human relationships, she imperceptibly grows up, she reveals previously unknown, childish feelings. Together with Lena Proklova, the film starred Rolan Bykov, Sergey Nikonenko, Lucien Ovchinnikova, Victor Kosykh.

Her first role was marked by the attention of the audience and the press, an international award and one strange award: Mosfilm employees considered Lenin the work of the best female role of the year. About this and she was issued a letter in a blue leather folder.

Where does childhood go

The successful debut in the movie of the young actress attracted the attention of other directors. For example, Gennady Kazansky from Lenfilm promptly offered her the role of Gerda in the film adaptation of E. Schwartz’s play “The Snow Queen”. The film was released in 1967 and was warmly received by a young audience. At the "Scarlet Carnation" festivals and in Bogota (1970) he was awarded the main prizes.

In the next two years, Lena starred in two more films: with Richard Viktorov in “The Adolescent Age” (1968) and with Alexander Mitta in “Burn, Burn, My Star” (1970). This role required the actress a clear sense of time, the ability to merge with the heroine - and at the same time not lose her "I" ... The role in this film arose with great difficulty and turned out to be serious, but in the shadow of the brilliant ensemble of Oleg Tabakov, Oleg Efremov and Evgeny Leonov the delicate and delicate weaving of a female character went by the wayside.

During the filming in the last film, E. Proklova finally decided on the choice of her future profession - despite the fact that she was a master of sports in rhythmic and artistic gymnastics and was promised a brilliant sports future, she decided to go to actresses. Having passed exams for the 9th and 10th grades as an external student, she entered the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School.

Yelena Proklova herself, recalling this period of her life, regrets that she, like all normal people, cannot remember school trips and graduation. But in return, fate gave her a wonderful interesting life in the cinema and on stage.

Studying and working at the Moscow Art Theater

At the Moscow Art Theater Studio, it was accepted with the condition - to forget about cinema while studying. E. Proklova recalls: “When I entered the Studio School, the first time the teachers were skeptical of me: there was no voice (spoke very quietly), no stage temperament, and most importantly, it seemed to them that there was no serious attitude to the matter - I was I’m ready to take part in any role without preparation, to play whatever sketch you like, naively believing that the acting work begins with the directorial team “Motor”. A.A. Tarasova, M. Yanshin, A. Gribov, V. Stanitsyn, A. Ktorov taught at the Moscow Art Theater School. The actress was lucky not only to learn from them, but also to play with the "great old people" on the same stage in the Moscow Art Theater.

Over 20 years of work at the Moscow Art Theater, Elena Proklova replayed the entire leading repertoire, without compromising when it was proposed to participate in "ideologically seasoned productions." On the Moscow Art Theater’s stage, she played in the performances: “Blue Bird” by M. Meterlink, “Valentine and Valentine”, “Echelon”, “Pearly Zinaida” (all by M. Roshchina), “Cherry Orchard” by A. Chekhov, “Amadeus” P . Scheffer and others. In the early 90's, the actress leaves the Moscow Art Theater.

"The only one"

After graduating from the Studio School in 1973, the ban on acting in films has expired and the actress accepted the offer of I. Heifits to star in the main role - Tanya Fesheva - in the film "The One". Her partners on the set were Valery Zolotukhin and Vladimir Vysotsky. According to the actress herself, this role is by far her best role in her entire career in the cinema. Elena Proklova follows the imperious directorial hand with such relaxedness and confident ease that the joy of this meeting with art does not stop for an instant.

Elena Proklova played a female soul here, who knows how to love inexplicably and strongly, but who does not know how to squeeze herself into the strict parameters of a legal marriage. Her heroine is so rich in souls, so kind, responsive and generous that she cannot seem to not respond to someone else's feeling. And it’s not her fault, it seems guilty that her responsiveness and kindness turns into vulgar treason ... The actress filled this worldly situation with aching sadness, such a deep penetration into the character of the heroine that she immediately declared herself to be a delicate and demanding artist. She is mysterious. And not only for us, the audience, she is a mystery to herself. Too young, she does not know, does not understand what forces sometimes rage somewhere inside herself.

The film was released on a wide screen in 1976 and was warmly received by the public. He was honored at festivals in Frunze (1976) and Panama (1977, Best Actress Award).

Film. Film. Film…

The 70s were very fruitful in the career of the actress. In the "Sentimental Novel" directed by Igor Maslennikov, she played the negative role of Zoe - a proud and beautiful girl, endowed with a keen sense of justice, but, in essence, devoid of soul.

In 1976, she returned to a fairy tale where she felt so at ease in her childhood. The merchant daughter Nastya in the film by N. Kosheverova “How Ivan the Fool Went for a Miracle” was brought closer by the actress to our days. The mocking, sincere and gullible modern girl acts in a simple fairy tale plot. This role is interesting for its "two-facedness." Two Nastya - one lively, funny, the other - who lost, according to the plot, the ability to feel and love, played by the actress in this children's film.

In the film directed by George Danelia “Mimino”, Elena Proklova has an episodic role: in only two or three scenes she appears on the screen. The image of the “dream girl” of the hero — generalized, barely outlined — could not find psychological depth, but the actress endowed her heroine with charm that cannot be resisted, and sincerity that cannot be unbelievable ... And the phrase “I want Larisa Ivanovna!” Pursues actress still.

And one more role - in the film of Yuri Karasik “Own opinion”, where Elena Proklova plays the modern “factory girl”. This proud and independent girl, independent in her opinions, keeps herself with the enviable ease that is characteristic of people who are firmly on their feet. The heroine of Elena Proklova - mischievous, loving to play a trick, tease, seems a little frivolous than she really is.

One of the best works of Elena Proklova is the role in the film “The Key Without the Right to Transfer,” directed by Dinara Asanova. The film is about school, about students, teachers and parents. About how difficult is sometimes the relationship between generations. And how important it is to respect each other, how necessary is the desire for mutual understanding ... Elena Proklova is a young teacher here who has not just a pedagogical talent, but a human talent - to provide trust and gain it. There is a special relationship between her and her students. They are friends, and the degree of frankness in their communication is high and beautiful. There were also works in the films: “Dog in the Hay” (1977), “Confusion of Feelings” (1977), “Look for the Wind ...” (1978), “Dove” (1978), “Faith and Truth” (1979), "Inspector Gull" (1979).

The first half of the 80s was also very successful for Elena Proklova. She continued to work actively both in the theater and in the cinema. On her account were films: “What are our years” (1980), “Be my husband” (1981, brilliant work with Andrei Mironov), “We lived in the neighborhood” (1982), “Be happy, Julia!” (1983 ), “Late Love” (1983), “From the Life of the Head of the Criminal Investigation” (1983), “The First Horse” (1984), “The Coming Century” (1985). In 1985, Elena Proklova was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Personal life

Elena Proklova’s personal life started quite early - at the age of 18 she married the director of documentary films, the journalist Vitaly Melik - Karamov, and a year later the first-born daughter Arina was born. However, the marriage lasted only four years and broke up.

For the second time, the actress married a man from another area - Dr. Alexander Deryabin. But this marriage broke up after a few years. According to Proklova herself, one of the reasons for this discord was a personal tragedy: two of their twin sons died in infancy. Only work helped to forget. Oleg Nikolaevich Efremov, blessed with his memory, loaded with rehearsals and performances to the very eyeballs. But this grief divided the spouses, lightness and warmth left their relationship. However, the divorce took place peacefully, today the former spouses maintain excellent relations with each other.

In 1984 he meets his third husband. Elena Proklova says: “At first, I began to take care of my older brother. Victor worked as a jeweler, split up with his wife and lived alone. I settled in his workshop, kept housekeeping. Once, three months later, my brother brought his friend Andrei to visit. I began to cook food for men, waiting for a phone call about a meeting with the audience scheduled for the evening. But the meeting was canceled. We sat down at the table, chatting, laughing ... And in the morning we decided to go together to Leningrad in Andrei’s car. After that trip, he and I will not part. "

Soon a boy was born to them, but then they were not destined to enjoy parental happiness - a son died a week later. In difficult days, Andrei helped Elena survive and finally revive.

In 1994, Elena and Andrei had a daughter, Polina. For this to happen - all the time from conception to childbirth, Elena lay in the clinic, she injected 700 injections into her stomach.

Over the years since the actress fell out of sight of the viewer, her lifestyle has changed. Elena Proklova, a native city dweller, having felt a craving for land, built a house with her husband on the Klyazma reservoir, and raised a garden. The landowner's efforts turned into a paradise. Elena decided to approach the matter professionally, enrolling in the department of landscape design at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Now, having become a professional, she equips plots for private individuals and is in great demand as a landscape designer. In addition to a hobby that has become a profession, there are others - fishing, hunting, hiking. They left the Moscow apartment to their daughter Arina, who became an artist; in 1995, her daughter Alisa was born.

In 1999, Elena Proklova published the book "In the Role of Myself." As Elena Proklova herself says: “For me, the book turned out to be much more interesting than I expected. This is not so much a creative biography and related information as a reflection on life. ”

This century

At the turn of the century, Elena Proklova briefly returned to the cinema. The actress starred in the series Detective Dubrovsky's Dossier (1999), the films Yellow Dwarf (2001) and Recipe Happiness (2006).

At this stage, Elena is working closely with television. She participated in the television projects "The Last Hero" and "Big Race". “These programs are designed to prove: a person can do the impossible. They help both viewers and participants to relate to their homeland with even greater respect. Such programs make us proud of our country, because we win everywhere, ”says E. Proklova.

In 2006, Elena Proklova joined the Malakhov + program. From an interview with the actress: “When I run a program, I am always in high spirits. People who come to us with their problems most often find a solution here. And this is also happiness. Still, the profession of an actor is ephemeral, you do not see the real fruits of your work. And here I see them. ”

Nevertheless, the beloved profession “called out”. Elena Abdulov invited Elena to his Entreprise: first to the play “Everything Passes”, then to “Family Idyll”, where Andrei Panin became her partner. Elena Proklova plays the wife of the protagonist, simply put - a decent bitch. That is, a lady who is very far in character from the actress herself, a bright and harmonious person. But the actors believe that the less you look like your hero, the better you play.

There is one secret in actress Elena Proklova: she does so many things in her life that sometimes nobody can do anything else, and at the same time she does everything. That's why she looks so good and always in great shape.

Prizes and awards

  • Winner of the Second Prize for the performance of a female role at the VKF in Frunze (1976 - the film "The Only ...")
  • Laureate of the Award for female performance at the IFF in Panama (1977 - the film "The Only ...")
  • Winner of the Lenin Komsomol Prize (1977)