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Nemolyaeva Svetlana

Born April 18, 1937 in Moscow.

Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1973). People's Artist of the RSFSR (1980).

She graduated from the theater school. M.S. Shchepkina (1958).

Just before graduation, in the 4th year, S. Nemolyaeva was invited to the cinema to play the role of Olga in the opera film "Eugene Onegin" - the director R. Tikhomirov approved her without a screen test. Svetlana not only outwardly, characteristically, approached this role, but, like her heroine, lived a joyful sensation of youth, an expectation of love and happiness. Olga, according to the actress herself, was a reflection of her own well-being: "I happily bathed in Pushkin’s poems, Tchaikovsky’s music. I lived with Olga, she lived with me."

Due to the filming, Svetlana missed the time of showing graduates in Moscow theaters and was distributed in Frunze. She did not want to work on the edge of the earth in a peripheral theater and began to try to get a job in a Moscow theater. She worked for a month with A. Goncharov at the Moscow Drama Theater on Spartakovskaya - she played a small role as a waitress in the play based on the play by K. Finn "Restless Legacy".

Since the spring of 1959 - actress of the theater. Vl. Mayakovsky.

Member of the Union of Theater Workers of the USSR - Russia (since 1962), the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR - Russia (since 1980), the Russian Academy of Motion Picture Arts "Nika".

Full member of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order (ABOP).


  • Order "For Merit to the Fatherland" III degree (2012).
  • Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, IV degree (2007).
  • Order of Honor (1998).
  • Russian National Acting Prize named after Andrei Mironov “Figaro” named after Andrei Mironov “Figaro” (St. Petersburg, 2013).
  • The ABOP awards are the Order of Peter the Great of the 1st degree and the Order of Lomonosov of the 1st degree.