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Konopatskaya Irina

Born on January 1, 1958.
In 1980 she graduated from LGITMiK (class of V.V. Petrov).
From the same year - actress of the Leningrad Komsomol Theater (now - the Baltic House Theater).

He takes part in the performances of "Russian Entreprise named after Andrei Mironov."
Parents - actors Konopatsky Joseph Nikolaevich and Korotkevich Galina Petrovna.

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (1993).
The Lenin Komsomol Theater ("Baltic House"):

Snow White - "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
Nina Andreevna - “The Marriage of Belugin”, A.N. Ostrovsky (dir. Valentina Vinogradova)
"The Cripple from Inishmaan Island", Martin McDonagh (dir. Borislav Chakrinov)
Gela - "The Master and Margarita", M. Bulgakov (dir. Jonas Vaitkus)
Prostakova - "Undergrowth", D. Fonvizin (dir. Vladimir Tykke)
Eve - "Trees Die Standing"
Goat - “Tales of Marshak” (1985, production by G. Egorov, directors N. Berezin, M. Urzhumtsev)
Mila - “Tamada” A. Galina (1985, production by G. Egorov, directors I. Struchkova, V. Tykke)
Circus - The Gadfly, rock musical by A. Kolker and A. Yakovlev (1986, production by G. Egorov, director V. Tykke)
Kind doll - "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" opera extravaganza S. Banevich and N. Denisov (1986, staged by G. Egorov, director I. Struchkova)
Hani - "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" E. Albee (1986, staged by G. Egorov, director I. Struchkova)

Russian entreprise them. Andrei Mironov:
“A Free Man Comes In,” Tom Stoppard (dir. George Tovstonogov Jr.)

Germany - “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, W. Shakespeare (dir. S. Spivak)
Rosalind - “How You Like It,” W. Shakespeare (dir. T. Kazakova)
Korinkina - “Guilty Without Guilt”, A. Ostrovsky (dir. V. Tumanov)
Milady - "The Three Musketeers", A. Dumas (dir. V. Tykke)
Madame Gritsatsueva “12 Chairs”, I. Ilf and E. Petrov (dir. A. Belinsky)
Natalia Dmitrievna “Woe to the Mind”, A. Griboedov (dir. A. Belinsky)