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Perelygina-Vladimirova Inessa

Born February 5, 1963 in Orel.
In 1984 she graduated from the B.V. Shchukin Higher Theater School (University) with a degree in drama theater and film actor (teacher - A.G. Burov).
She played in the Oryol Youth Theater (from 1984 to 1986), the Tallinn Russian Drama Theater.
Since 1993 - actress of the St. Petersburg Academic Theater. Lensoviet.
Roles in the Oryol Youth Theater:
Bambi - Mother Bambi
"Little Baba Yaga" - The main witch
“How You Like It” - Audrey.

Roles in the Tallinn Drama Theater:
Little Red Riding Hood - Fox
“Fan Lady Windermere” - Lady Windermere
The Naked King - Princess

Lensovet Theater:
"Two-headed eagle" - Queen
Happy End Canceled - Diana
"With Doodle" - Margot
"Door to the adjoining room" - Jessica
Banana - Death
"The Seagull" - Arkadina Irina Nikolaevna