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Ugolnikov Igor

Born 12/15/1962, Moscow


Igor Ugolnikov was born on December 15, 1962 in Moscow in a family of engineers. Charming, thin, long-haired, then it was fashionable, the young man at school sat alone at the first desk at the door. Although, at school he was an occasional “guest”, as he skipped all the time. Because, then he studied in the theater, then went to hockey training.

On the table he had neither notebooks, nor textbooks - there was only one thick book, English plays. And at school Ugolnikov read only his personal literature. The teachers “closed their eyes” to this, they did not touch him, because it was pointless. And it was clear to everyone what he would do in life.

At school, Igor Ugolnikov made friends with a black and white cell, considering it an ideal graphic image. Being a gentle young man who playfully, “in Yesenin's style”, threw back a strand of chic hair, Igor Ugolnikov realized that if you take seriously everything that happens in a country where he had the honor of being born and living, then you can easily end up in a ward for the mentally ill . And since he had a great deal of sense of humor, he decided to share it with his dear fellow citizens when he “left his childhood”.


After graduating from the State Institute of Theater Arts, the directing and acting faculty, the young artist, full of strength and great ideas, was admitted to the Gogol Theater. Theater Igor Stanislavovich always adored, devotedly loved. The theater has become, is and will remain for him "the foundation, the paternal house, to which he always aspired and to which I will always be faithful." In the theater, the young actor was noticed, left without attention, and he quickly became a repertoire actor.

However, plus all his merits, Igor Ugolnikov was also a law-abiding young man. He was very eager to serve in the army and even served the first week. True, the theater quickly caught on and began to act. And as a result of Private Ugolnikov, they were commissioned from the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Then a lot of things were in the theatrical life of Igor Ugolnikov. And he hopes that there will be much more ... The actor brilliantly played Khlestakov in several performances of the Studio Theater in the South-West, then with this role he came to the Nikolai Gogol Moscow Drama Theater. Successfully played in the play by Grigory Gurvich "Reading a new play," in the Cabaret Theater "The Bat."

As a dramatic actor, theater lovers Sergeant Pepper Igor Ugolnikov remembered in the performance of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov "The Beatles Girls" Volynets. After this performance, on the same small stage of the Moscow Art Theater, the play “Hamlet in Spicy Sauce”, based on the play of the same name by Aldo Nikolai, where the artist played the cook Froggy at Elsinor Castle, was released and, however, only a few times.

First movie roles

For the first time on the screen, Igor Ugolnikov appeared in childhood. In the famous comedy "Gentlemen of Fortune" he played Igorka - one of the boys in kindergarten. This is his hero who recites: “I am an evil and terrible gray wolf, I know a lot about piglets!”

The full-fledged “adult” actor’s debut took place already in 1990 in the novel by director Mirza-ag Ashumov “Walk, walk, shoot, shoot like that” based on Leon Izmailov’s story “Midnight Cowboy from Yaroslavl”. The debut was a success. The artist showed himself to be a true professional, perfectly mastering the acting technique, able to create a deep psychological image.

A year later, the actor starred in the role of sparkling and charming bartender Max in the parody comedy “Meet Me in Tahiti” directed by Valentin Mishatkin. Ugolnikov showed tremendous potential, confidently and skillfully blending into the brilliant acting duo of Leonid Kuravlev and Evgeny Lazarev.

One of the most prominent roles of Igor Ugolnikov was captain Piskunov in the eccentric comedy Shirley Myrli. In this role, the rare talent of the actor was revealed, the ability to combine a tendency to an ostentatious drawing, and at the same time sincerity and lyricism in revealing the feelings of the hero. The director Vladimir Menshov in this film managed to collect an extremely brilliant composition of talented, talented actors: Valery Garkalin, Vera Alentova, Inna Churikova, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Oleg Tabakov, Leonid Kuravlev, Nonna Mordyukova, Lyubov Polishchuk, Oleg Efremov ...

One cannot fail to note the role of Igor Ugolnikov, however, this time the supporting role in the first Russian comedy miniseries on the idea of ​​Tigran Keosayan “Cases is funny, family matters!” About the life of a Moscow family during the political changes of the 90s. With talent, with truly “Ugolnikovsky” humor, naivety and simple-heartedness of the hero, with external comicism, an eccentricity, the artist performed his role.

In 1997, the film “This is not serious” was released on television, in which Ugolnikov acted not only as an actor, but also as a director and scriptwriter, but also as an author of text and song music.

In the new century

Igor Ugolnikov considers “Casus Belli” as a staged film in his cinematic life. As the director and co-producer of the film, he allowed himself to invite the outstanding actors of Russian and Polish cinema: Inna Churikova, Barbara Brylska, Vitaly Solomin (unfortunately, this was his last and I must say brilliant role), Alexei Petrenko, Eva Shikulsku, Alexander Mikhailov.

Igor Ugolnikov planned to make a film for smart adults - a film without bandits, shooting and other elements of the new Russian epic. Then Ugolnikov went even further, he decided to supplement this idea with a desire to pay tribute to the cinema of Soviet times, on which more than one generation of Russians grew up and without which, no spiritual development is likely to be unthinkable. But for some reason, the film did not go on the wide screen. Although one show did take place, Casus Belli was broadcast on NTV one Saturday. Or maybe his time has not come yet?

Igor Ugolnikov didn’t pass by the roles in such famous series as Liquidator, In the First Circle (Counterintelligence Chief Ryumin), and Nine Unknowns.

The television

It so happened that, having come to the will of fate on television, Igor Ugolnikov remained there for a long nine years. He worked on "Author's television." The master of reincarnation, a significant place in the gallery of characters was occupied by female images and “especially important persons”, the actor did “funny parody programs” with Nikolai Fomenko and Eugene Voskresensky.

The happy springboard in the television career of Igor Ugolnikov was the program “Oba-na!”. “Oba-na!”, At that time, suddenly became one of the most progressive and daring humorous programs. And the proof of this was the repeated prohibitions on the air of the program’s broadcasts by the then television authorities. In essence, the good “Oba-na!” Is a television theater “skit” based on parodies. But all good things come to an end, and the last program, “Both-on!” aired in June 1995.

Then Ugolnikov founded his own studio "Master - TV". He is the author of the scandalous video "Unbreakable Union." Under his leadership and with his participation, a brilliant television project “Doctor Corner” is released, as many as 48 episodes. Since 1996, he became deputy director of the VGTRK Television Broadcasting Directorate, host of the Good Evening broadcast. And suddenly! Igor Ugolnikov left the television.

TV magazine "Wick"

In recent years, on domestic television on Sundays, producer Igor Ugolnikov “sets fire to" The Wick. His fiery optimism is enough for acting, and for production, and for director's work.

But really, satirical programs have almost disappeared on RTR. All that remains is “The Wick,” which, following the proverb “And there is one warrior in the field,” continues to prove to everyone that laughter is still a powerful weapon in the war against corruption and bureaucracy.

It all started a few years ago when Oleg Dobrodeev said: "Corner, please come up with a satirical status program for the state television channel." And it turns out that it’s not necessary to invent anything, because there is an old, but still existing “Wick”. It turned out that it was still being produced, which for many was a great revelation. So, in fact, the new story of the now television version of the "explosive" magazine "Wick" began.

The most difficult thing in switching to a television format was to try to keep the old format, the perception that was, but to do everything in a new way. Because if you make “Wick” as it was before, then it will look extremely archaic on TV. It was necessary to combine the old with the new. And it seems that Igor Ugolnikov succeeded! The old "Wick" has healed a new life!

Personal life

Once, back in school, Igor Ugolnikov, who came to the class as a new student, kindly suggested: "Girl, come here, here you will sit." Since then, they sit everywhere only nearby.

Previously, Igor Stanislavovich thought that all life is communication, work, parties, and now I am sure that this is not so ... Life is a favorite work that brings pleasure and a comfortable way of existence, and also, and most importantly, its own world: home , wife, children, dogs. Everything else is from the evil one.

Prizes and awards

  • Laureate of the Ovation Prize (1992)