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Sobolev Sergei

Born on November 12, 1975.

In 1999, he graduated from the Samara Academy of arts (V. N. Roshchupkin's course), and in 2001 - from the St. Petersburg state Academy of theater arts (V. M. Filshtinsky's course).

In 2001-2003, he worked as a teacher of acting at the course of V. M. Filshtinsky.

Since 2001-actor of the theater "on Liteyny".

Creator and participant of the German-Russian theater laboratory "Theater 05" (since 2005).
Theater "On Liteyny":

Kozlov — "do not part with your loved ones" by A. Volodin
Soldier — "The Great Catherine" By B. Shaw
Prussian Officer-guy de Maupassant's" Crumpet"
Peter I - " Shadow Of The City»
Karabas-Barabas — "Pinocchio" By A. Tolstoy
White clown — "Pippi Longstocking" by A. Lindgren
Rabbit - "Winnie-the-Pooh and all-all-all..." by A. Milne

Theater workshop "ASB":

Rodion Raskolnikov - " Dostoevsky-Chesterton: the paradoxes of crime or the lone horsemen of the Apocalypse»

No man's land (TV series, 2019 -...)... employee
Intern (mini-series, 2019)
Save Leningrad (2019)... Eremenko
Kupchino (TV series, 2018 -...)... Nikitin, operative
Someone else's (TV series, 2018)
Mousetrap for three persons (TV, 2017) ... police officer
Survive at any cost (TV series, 2017 -...)... Vasilich
The last article of the journalist (TV series, 2016)... Borisov's partner
Our happy tomorrow (TV series, 2016)... traffic police officer
Letters on the glass. Destiny (TV series, 2015)
Police station (TV series, 2015 -...)... Khlopov
Front (TV series, 2014)
Probation period (TV, 2014)... accompanying the military Commissar
Chief 2 (TV series, 2013)... Lukyanov
Ladoga (mini-series, 2013)... militiaman
Chasm (TV series, 2012 -...)... Zimin
Winter cruise (TV, 2012)... Nadir
Military intelligence: Northern front (TV series, 2012) ... German officer
Hope (TV series, 2011)... captain Dima
Kvartal (TV, 2011)... Ryabov, patrolman
Tired of the sun 2: Citadel (2011)
It's not evening yet (TV series, 2010)... Sanek
Sea devils 4 (TV series, 2010)... Anton
Highway patrol 4 (TV series, 2010)... Sancho
Tula Tokarev (TV series, 2010 -...)... duty officer in another Department
Special agent (TV series, 2010)
Streets of broken lights 10 (TV series, 2009)... Oper
Zeta group 2 (TV series, 2009)
Highway patrol (TV series, 2008) ... (8th series)
Nirvana (2008)
Sea devils (TV series, 2005-2007) ... (9th series)
Own someone else's life (TV series, 2005)
Opera: Chronicles of the homicide Department (TV series, 2004-2006)... Livni
I have the honor!.. (mini-series, 2004) ... Zavyalov
Streets of broken lights 5 (TV series, 2003)
Attraction (2002)
Secrets of the investigation (TV series, 2000-2019)... Opera OBNON (third season)