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Splinters' Sergei

Composer, pianist, Honored artist of Russia, awarded the badge "Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation", head of the Department of sound engineering of the Saint Petersburg Humanitarian University of trade unions, Professor.

Sergei Oskolkov is the author of about a hundred works in various genres, including: three operas, three musicals, three cantatas, two concertos for piano and Symphony orchestra, two string quartets, six piano sonatas, many vocal cycles based on poems by Russian poets, a number of works for folk instruments, music for theater and cinema.

From 1977 to the present, S. A. Oskolkov's active and fruitful concert activity as a soloist, ensemble player, and accompanist continues. Among the creative partners of S. A. Oskolkov are such venerable and famous musicians as conductors A. Titov, V. Ziva, R. Martynov, A. Chernushenko, R. Luther, N. Kornev, cellists S. Roldugin and O. sendetsky, violists A. pogadin and A. Ludevig, violinists A. Savina, M. Estrin, M. Belodubrovsky, S. Livitin, clarinetist A. Fedorov; singers O. Kondina, T. Melentyeva, E. Mirtova, V. stenkina, G. Sidorenko, M. Tarasova, A. Slavny, N. Ostrovsky and many others.

S. A. Oskolkov is a regular participant of major international festivals such as "Petersburg musical spring", "Moscow autumn", "Sound paths", "from the avant-garde to the present day", "Music of the XX-XXI century", etc.

Since 1988 S. Oskolkov - member of the composers Union of the USSR 1994 - member of the Board of the Union of composers of St. Petersburg, since 2003 - member of the Union concert figures of St. Petersburg.

S. A. Oskolkov's teaching activities include teaching at the V. A. Gavrilin school of music (composition class), at the faculty of music of the A. I. Herzen Russian state pedagogical University (piano). Currently, S. A. Oskolkov is the head of the Department of sound engineering at the Saint Petersburg Humanitarian University of trade unions, Professor. S. A. Oskolkov's pedagogical talent was awarded the "Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation"award.

The musician's artistic and organizational skills were especially evident in the annual international art festival "Sergey Oskolkov and his friends", which was organized in 1997 and dedicated to music, painting, poetry, theater and cinema. Over the years, the festival has been attended by artists from Germany, France, Switzerland, Finland, the United States, great Britain, Australia, Japan, and many Russian composers and performers. The festival's concert programs pay great attention to the works of contemporary composers from Saint Petersburg and other regions of Russia.