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Rutberg Yulia

Born July 8, 1965.

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2001).

A brilliant characteristic actress, star of the Moscow Vakhtangov Theater, a regular participant in theatrical skits. She starred in the films: "Sunset", "Makarov", "Check" and others.

Julia was born in the family of actor Ilya Rutberg, one of the equipment of the student theater "Our House". She was called the "daughter of the regiment", as the girl was constantly in the thick of rehearsals and creative disputes. She was nursed in turn by all the studio participants, whom she still out of habit calls aunts and uncles: "Uncle Senya Farada", "Uncle Sasha Filippenko", "Uncle Gene Khazanov ..."

Today she is a bright, talented actress, a graduate of the Schukin School, shining on the stage of the Theater. Vakhtangov, thoughtful, witty, energetic and purposeful. "I so dreamed of doing the acting profession. I achieved what I wanted and studied hard. If I did it on my own - three excerpts instead of one. I participated in all the skits. For 10 years after graduation, our course arranged theatrical congratulations to teachers and students - God knows what they did! " - said Rutberg in an interview.