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Geller Anna

Born on November 24, 1975 in Leningrad.

In 1994 she entered SPbGATI on the course of S.Ya. Spivak, graduated from the institute in 1999 and entered the troupe of the Youth Theater on the Fontanka.

The young talented actress was remembered by the theater-goers in a variety of forms: Dvoira (“Screams from Odessa”), Tsarevna Milolika (“Ivan Tsarevich”), cat Ksyusha (“Street, yard, Vaska”), Young Queen (“Lark”), comedian in black (“Sacred Monsters”), Emilia (“Othello”), Elena (“Love Lace”).

Other works on the stage: PET Theater Company (St. Petersburg Experimental Theater) - Natasha (“At the Bottom” by M. Gorky. Director V. Perminov).

An extremely dependent theater community is Judith (Dance of Death by A. Strindberg. Dir. A. Prikotenko).

The attractive appearance of the actress and sensitivity in the transfer of psychological nuances could not be overlooked by the cinema.