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Bledans Evelina

Born on April 05, 1969 in Yalta.

Winner of the Best Actress Award for Starway Advertising (Cannes Lions 2000)


Although Evelina Bledans is Russian according to her passport, in fact - an explosive and explosive mixture of Polish, Ukrainian, Latvian, Russian and French bloods. Her mother’s grandmother is a Latvian of German descent, and Papa Visvaldis Karlovich is a pure Latvian.

By the way, surprisingly, the name and surname of the actress are real. It turns out that the mention of the name Bledans (in various sources - Bledanis, Bled and Bledans) first occurs 600 years ago - in the Chronicles of the German Order of the Swordsmen.

An almost anecdotal story happened with the name of the actress. Parents wanted to name their daughter Nastya, and they were almost named, but fate immediately made adjustments. True, in this case, she appeared in the person of the Yalta midwife, Aunt Gann, who grabbed the vocal child in her arms, lifted her taller, and meticulously examined the future star from left and right, skeptically asked: "What are you doing?! ... Well, what about Nastya? ?! .. "Then she looked at the baby one more time and absolutely confidently declared:" No, it’s not Nastya! .. Shoot the axis ... Well, Evelina! .. ". The young mother of the failed Nastya was so confused that she could neither argue nor object ... So Evelina acquired her sonorous name.

Evelina spent her childhood in Yalta, where she attended all existing circles in the local House of Pioneers. Evelina Bledans: “All my childhood I’ve been a very patriotic young lady. I read poems“ Hello, Golden School ”and“ Pioneer Day ”, knocked on the drum, sang in the choir, did everything possible, but the main thing, for which I was appreciated and praised , was how I at poetry concerts read poetry with expression ... ".


Dreaming of an acting career, she went to enter the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography, where she introduced herself: "Evelina Visvaldovna Bledans, 17 years old." Igor Vladimirov, the head of the examination committee, cheerfully responded: "That's it! .. Already take it! For one surname ...". Of course he was joking, but the surname still helped to enter the institute to some extent.

At the institute, teachers noted the temperament and texture of the novice actress. In 1991, Evelina graduated from the institute and, as the best graduate, was sent for an internship in a classic American musical at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center (USA).

"Masks show"

After graduation, the question arose about distribution. Evelina really wanted to get to Lenkom, to Mark Zakharov. But her dreams were not destined to come true, and Evelina with classmates left for Odessa. There they organized the Sweet Life Cabaret Theater from scratch, which quickly became the most popular sight in the city, and Evelyn became its prima donna.

Among her classmates, many were familiar with the guys from The Mask Show, and when George Deliev needed an extras to shoot The Masks at the Wedding, Evelina was invited to participate in the girls' choir.

Deliev appreciated the outstanding energetic actress, and in the series “Masks in the Opera” a special episode was written for her. In the script, he was indicated rather sparingly: the girl plays the flute, everything else was given to Evelyn “at the mercy”.

It was a triumph. The country received an unconditional sex symbol, and Evelina got into the staff of the country's most popular collective, in prime times of central television channels, in the bestsellers of pirated video tapes. “But we were just kidding from the heart, and the result was an option that went into the film,” recalls Evelina.

In the famous series about the awkward family, Evelina created the image of a Nurse, behind whom Papa constantly hangs. The role was played with a clear “erotic bias”, but very funny and elegant. The super sexy image of a nurse managed to become not only the “calling card” of Evelina, but also forever deprived the strong half of the Russian population.

In the late 90s, Evelina Bledans left the “Masks”. She participated in beauty contests, in numerous auditions, until she ended up in the musical Metro. In 2001, the actress took part in the Danae performance, where she rehearsed all female roles with Kristina Orbakaite and Anna Terekhova.


The first roles in the movie Evelina Bledans played as a student. These were episodes in the films "State of emergency of a district scale", "City", etc. After leaving the "Masks" Evelina Bledans returned to the cinema. At the beginning of the new century, she starred in the American films "Red Square" and "Barbarian", in the series "Friendly Family" and "Car Service" and several other films.

The really big, interesting work was the role of the mistress of the brothel Ekaterina Ivanovna in the TV series “Damned Paradise”. The actress created the image of a tough, cunning, business woman. The series was a success with the audience and in 2008 its sequel came out.

Recently, Evelina Bledans is in demand in the movies. She starred in the comedy Hitler Kaput! (Frau Oddo), the movie "Plato" (Ella), the series "Glamor" (the owner of an elite modeling agency), the comedy "Step by step" (Victoria Kovalenko).

Personal life

Contrary to popular versions, Evelina Bledans' husband is not at all George Deliev, nor Boris Barsky, and in general has nothing to do with The Masks. The actress herself does not like to talk about her personal life. “Personal life is therefore called personal because it is not in the public domain,” says Evelina.