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«Скамейка», duration: 2 hours. International Theater Agency «Inter Stage».
««January 2022»»
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Duration: 2 hours

Past events

  • Theater named after Countess S.V.Panina, St. Petersburg
  • Theater named after Countess S.V.Panina, St. Petersburg
  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
According to the play:Alexander Gelman
Stage Director:Lev Stukalov (Honored Artist of Russia)
Painter:Alexander Orlov (Laureate of the State Prize of Russia)

Actors and performers

She:Julia Molchanova
He: Smelov

St. Petersburg Drama Theater.

"OUR theater", under the direction of the Honored Artist of Russia Lev Stukalov.

  • Performance - Laureate of the X International Festival “Kind Theater 2010” in two categories: “Best Director” - Lev Stukalov and “Best Actress” - Julia Molchanova.
  • Performance - diploma winner of the Highest Theater Prize of St. Petersburg "Golden Spotlights 2008" in the nomination "The best performance on a small stage."
  • The diploma performance of the XIX International Theater Festival "White Vezha-2014".

A play about love.

Superbly twisted, almost detective, timeless plot of the always mysterious relationship between Man and Woman!

They meet on the bench in the park: He is a fan of flirting, and She is tired of being alone. But, it turns out, they already met on the same bench a year ago! The inexhaustible talent of the director Lev Stukalov turned a banal story into soulful, poetic, humane, sad and funny.

Spectators will be conquered by the sincere and subtle game of Yulia Molchanova! They will love the Casanova, masterfully created by Andrei Smelov. Together with the characters of the play they will enjoy their favorite tunes of the 80s, cry and laugh, unwittingly trying on the history of their romance on themselves. And every spectator takes a piece of HAPPINESS in his soul!