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12 white keys

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Past events

  • Mansion of Prince Mikhail Alexandrovich, St. Petersburg
  • Cultural and historical center «House of Romanov», St. Petersburg
  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
Scenario:Creative group “Sugar, 1kg”
Producer:Sergey Safronov

Actors and performers

One-man show:Yuri Schelkanov

One-man show

This is an exciting life story of the great Russian composer, pianist and conductor S. V. Rachmaninov. Shrouded in mystery, and all unknowns are often attributed to the mystery of human genius.

All people are very similar. They create their own path, love and separation. This is due to the work of the composer. You will see how music is born, and you get inspiration, hear your favorite songs.

The peculiarity of the performance is a unique mixture of theatrical genres, history and music. From the production of “12 White Keys” you will learn about the smallest details of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s life, hear his music and plunge into the atmosphere of a unique time when the great composer lived, inspired and created. Thanks to the performer of eclectic performing arts, the performance did not leave anyone indifferent.

The performance will include:

First action:

  • S. Rachmaninov. Prelude Op. 3, No. 2, C Sharp Minor
  • V.A. Mozart. Excerpt from Sonata in C Major
  • S. Rachmaninov. excerpt from etude-paintings Op. 33, No. 8, in G minor
  • S. Rachmaninov. Musical moment Op. 16, No. 3, in B Minor

Second action:

  • S. Rachmaninov. Introduction to the concert for piano and orchestra No. 2
  • S. Rachmaninov. Prelude Op. 23 ,, No. 4, D major
  • S. Rachmaninov. Etude-Painting Op. 39, No. 2
  • A. Scriabin. Etude No. 1, Op. 2, C Sharp Minor
  • S. Rachmaninov. Excerpt from Prelude Op. 32, No. 10, in B Minor