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Gorgeous six

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Past events

  • Vyborg Palace of Culture, St. Petersburg
Producer:Alla Reshetnikova

Actors and performers

Cast:Andrey Chadov, Valery Nikolaev, Ilya Blednyi, Filipp Blednyi, Alexander Naumov, Anatoly Smiranin, Daria Egorova

“Great six!” or men cry too ”

E. Isaev on the play "Six-winged Seraphim"

Six men, one after another appear in the production agency "Seraphim".

One needs a "star", the other - a wife, the third - the unspoken owner - and the mistress of the mistress of the agency, the fourth - a jack of all trades, the fifth - a faithful assistant and the sixth - "the same" star "- a famous singer."

They were all gathered by chance. A small coincidence in time pushed so different men to remember how they met her, the one that everyone is waiting for. Each of them begins his story - what she is and why they are still together, but separately.

Many women dream of being the center of men. SHE is the center of this six. They are ready for her at all, as she once was for them.

There will be everything: empathy, laughter, tears, revealing secrets. But the most important thing in the performance is love!

Believe me, you will not remain indifferent!