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Night is tender

Duration: 3 hours (with intermission)

Past events

  • Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos», Yekaterinburg
  • Theater named after Countess S.V.Panina, St. Petersburg
Stage version and production:Sergey Prokhanov
Production designer:Leonid Podosyonov
Costume Designer:Ioannina Kremer
Plastic Director, Choreographer:Sergey Vinogradov
Music concept:Asaf Farajev

Actors and performers

Derve Uorren:Oleg Marusev
Dik Dayver:Maxim Shchegolev / Alexander Gundarev
Tommy Barban:Mikhail Babichev / Dmitry Dyachenko
Elbert Makkisko:Alexander Bobrov / Sergey Antonov / Oleg Chudnitsov
Violet Makkisko:Svetlana Frolova
Nicole Diver:Evgenia Evchina / Anastasia Terekhova
Rosemary Hoyt:Elena Zakharova / Veronika Lysakova
Baby:Lyudmila Svetlova

The legend of the "Theater of the Moon", a romantic and sensual performance, filled with strange sadness and sadness.

The leitmotif of the legendary production may be the words "who did not love, he did not live." True love is inseparable from suffering, they walk alongside like twin sisters. On the French Riviera, shrouded in a haze of eroticism, there is always an atmosphere of light flirting. But behind the tinsel emptiness of the exterior lies a secret that every hero hypnotizes the audience.