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Duration: In two parts with intermission

Past events

  • House of Journalist, St. Petersburg

Actors and performers

Cast:Igor Meerson, Yuri Schelkanov

Stand-Up vs. Classic music.

Non-classical concert of classical music.

There is an opinion that the classic is boring, dull and not modern. This is not true!

We are sure that if you look at the work of classics from a different angle, find out the history of their works, the details of the personal lives of the authors and the realities of those years, and most importantly, if you take all of this with humor, oldschool’s music will immediately cease to seem like that. Musicomediya is a combination of two seemingly unconnected genres, a unique mix of Standup and classical music, lovers of the classics will take a look at their beloved from a new angle, those who want to have fun will do it and learn a lot.

Musicomediya gives you the opportunity to learn a lot of new and interesting things, to laugh and listen to good music in live performance. A rare combination.

The program is in two parts with an intermission.

  • Musicomediya # 1. Chopin is not only a Vaenga song.
  • Musicomediya # 2. Bach - Barry White of his time.

At the piano - Yuri Schelkanov. Behind the microphone is Igor Meyerson.

Igor Meyerson is one of the pioneers of the Stand-UpComedy genre in Russia, familiar to viewers on TV projects “ComedyClub” and “Leningrad Stand-Up Club”.
Successfully performs abroad in English: the only Russian comedian who joined the BestoftheFest of the Edinburgh Festival, participated in festivals in Switzerland, Ireland, Finland, Slovenia, Australia.
He is the author of the scripts for the films Firs, Firs 2, Firs 3, Firs 1914, The Phantom, The Jungle, etc.

Yuri Shchelkanov - theater and film actor, musician, composer.
The author of ideas and the performer of performances: "12 White Keys" (about the life and work of SV Rachmaninov), Comedy show-concert "Feel the music", "Humor. Music. Love."
Graduate of the All-Russian? Competition of pop artists (2004).
Winner of special prizes of the international competition "Piano Bridges" for the performance of Scarlatti sonatas and romantic music by F. Chopin, R. Schumann (2013 and 2014)