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Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Past events

  • Vyborg Palace of Culture, St. Petersburg
Poems:Vladimir Mayakovsky
Libretto:Alexander Lebedev, Alexey Shoshev
Music:Alexey Shoshev
Stage Director and Music Director:Alexander Rykhlov
Choreographer:Zhanna Shmakova
Set designer:Dmitry Dovchenko

Actors and performers

Mayakovsky:Artyom Krestnikov
Lilya Brik:Yanina Melikhova
Yosia Brik:Alexander Bobrov
Elsa Triole:Veronika Lysakova
Nora Polonskaya:Valeria Christiansen
Igor Severyanin:Dmitry Novitsky
Vasily Kamensky:Dmitry Voronin
Velimir Khlebnikov:Boris Dronzikov
David Burliuk:Evgeny Aksenov
Alexey Kruchenykh:Evgeny Skochin
Man with two kisses:Oleg F. Marusev
Dancers:Alexey Yatsenko, Pavel Belkov, Vitaly Vishnyakov, Maxim Peknyi
Musicians:Ilya Oleinikov, Sergey Gordeev

Tours of the Moscow "Theater of the Moon" under the direction of Sergei Prokhanov, People's Artist of Russia.

Musical and dramatic performance, which was based on the poems of Vladimir Mayakovsky. This is a story about a poet who did not accept all the established, recognized, but eventually became a classic. The story of a man who created a new world, but did not find a place in it for himself. Great love, friendship and betrayal, disappointments and dreams - all this is swiftly sweeping to the alarming accompaniment of the twentieth century.

From the first seconds, the musical begins to keep the audience in suspense. Pictures change, boys and girls march with an iron stream, movement, the noise of revolutionary slogans and ... The darkness from which comes out something terrible, demonic.

The light ... and He appears on the scene - rebel Vladimir Mayakovsky. Born of the elements, he rejects luxury, creates a new world, but he himself does not find a place in it. Love, dreams, hopes, friends, enemies - everything collapses.

Together with Mayakovsky, viewers experience the drama of the whole country and a whole generation left at a crossroads. What is the outcome? Show history, says the play.

The project was implemented in collaboration with the ANO "Musical Heart of the Theater" with the participation of the grant "Open Stage" from the Department of Culture of Moscow.