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Family dinner at half past one

Duration: 2 hours with intermission

Past events

  • Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos», Yekaterinburg
Stage Director:Mikhail Citrinyak
Set designer:Maria Rybasova
Composer:Boris Kimer

Actors and performers

Cast:Olga Ostroumova, Anatoly Vasiliev, Anna Bolshova, Kirill Grebenshchikov, Egor Barinov

A piercing love story between a man and a woman who loved each other in their youth, but failed to stay together due to intrigues of their relatives and their own indecision.

Twenty years later, the former lovers met again and realized that their feelings were still alive. But will this time be their romance? Will they be able to start all over again, because they are already "over forty", and both have settled and such different lives ...

A frank conversation between the characters, dynamically turns into a bright farce, and suddenly disappears, as well as the youthful relationship of lovers.

“People are always worried about common human problems - love, the relationship between a man and a woman, between parents and children. This play touched me, which means it will touch others. It is about the human responsibility for interfering in the natural course of life of other people and the personal responsibility of each person for their decisions and actions that determine their future fate. At this performance, the audience will cry and laugh, as, however, at all my other performances! ”- says director Mikhail Tsitrinyak.