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«Rental baby», duration: 2 hours with intermission. International Theater Agency «Inter Stage».
««January 2022»»
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Rental baby

Duration: 2 hours with intermission

Past events

  • Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos», Yekaterinburg
Producer:Daria Goncharova
Stage Director:Vera Annenkova
Artist:Klyona Rodkevich

Actors and performers

Cast: Drobotenko, Nosik, Khorokhorina, Polosukhin, as well as other actors...

It has long been known that small lies give rise to great difficulties. It would seem that it’s special that you had lunch at a restaurant with a family friend, but this is boring, no intrigue. Another thing, if it was a persistent admirer, or even a secret lover - this is an occasion to cause jealousy in her husband! But who can suggest that an innocent fraud in the family will cause a series of problems that will begin to grow, like a snowball? And what other tool, if not a female trick, to use to solve them? And as you know, a woman and a trick are two inseparable friends!

This insanely funny, eccentric comedy will make you laugh to tears, and the musical design of the performance will plunge into the atmosphere of American life of the 50s.

The performance is made in the style of grotesque, in the genre of Broadway productions.