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Operation «WE» or an incredible adventure ...

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission

Past events

  • Sverdlovsk Palace of Culture of Railway Workers, Yekaterinburg
Producer:Peter Belyshkov

Actors and performers

Cast:Vladimir Dolinsky
Cast:Natalya Varley

"Operation" WE "or an incredible adventure" is the story of the relationship between two young people. The touching, funny and childishly naive office romance between the former actress and the barmaid of a small private theater, which began five years ago, puts our heroes on the brink of a choice between life and death. Turning the life of these lovely people into a circus.

A brilliant game of stars, unexpected plot twists will make a trip to the performance a great gift for all categories of spectators.

Undoubtedly, this vivid performance will not leave anyone indifferent!