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All honestly

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes with one intermission

Past events

  • Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos», Yekaterinburg
Play authors:K.Berg and V.Arshansky
Producer:Dmitry Orlov

Actors and performers

Cast:Ilya Sokolovskiy, Andrey Noskov, Zhanna Epple, Natalya Khorokhorina, Yelizaveta Martines

It would seem that Boris’s life has been planned for many years - constant business meetings, “contracts of the century”, concern for his company. And in this tough schedule there was absolutely no place for a family hearth. But what happens if the hero needs to find a wife and a ten-year-old son in two days to save the company. And a whole week to play a play about his happy family in front of his aunt? Moreover, if the hero suffers from a rare form of allergy - "registry office"?

But is it possible to fake happiness? And where is the line beyond which the game is getting out of control?

A funny and touching story about love and betrayal, about honesty and cowardice, about loss and freedom, a fairy tale where suddenly adults turn into naughty children - all this is an excellent recipe for a wonderful family evening in the theater, as well as the opportunity to rethink the value of your soulmate . Or need, rather find her!