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Ranevskaya: through laughter and tears

Duration: 2 hours with one intermission

Past events

  • Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos», Yekaterinburg
The authors of the play:L. Izmailov and A. Tsapik
Producer:Ekaterina Pikova

Actors and performers

Cast:Olga Miropolskaya, Elizabeth Arzamasova, Alexey Vasiliev, Natalya Lyzhina, Lyubov Makeeva

Dramatic comedy.

This performance has already been held more than a hundred times on a variety of stage venues in Russia and abroad. Thousands of spectators laughed, applauded and, holding back tears, felt empathy for what was happening.

What is this story about?

Great people, as a rule, are not adapted to everyday life, and therefore often become victims of prudent housekeepers. What turned out to be the invasion of one of them into the apartment of the genius Ranevskaya and this almost detective and almost real story will tell, in which the character of the legendary, unique Actress will be revealed. Its time will be revealed - our time, causing nostalgia, bright sadness and joy from meeting with the present and the genuine!

Famous quotes of the legendary Faina Ranevskaya:

  • “Life is too short to spend on diets, greedy men and a bad mood.”
  • “Optimism is a lack of information.”
  • “All my life I have been terribly afraid of fools. Especially women. "You never know how to talk to them without falling into their level."
  • “People make problems for themselves - no one forces them to choose boring professions, marry the wrong people, or buy uncomfortable shoes.”
  • "Better to be a good person," swearing obscenities, "than a quiet, educated creature."
  • “Let go of idiots and clowns from your life. The circus must tour. ”