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Why am I such a fool?

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes, without intermission

Past events

  • Vyborg Palace of Culture (small hall), St. Petersburg
Performance director:Leda Garina

Actors and performers

Take part in the performance:Olga Markina, Yuliya Shakhmuratova, Tamara Kotova, Maria Reshavskaya, Nona Veljan, Yana Rusinova, Oleg Sidorov

“Why am I such a fool?” - a musical shocking performance about the lawlessness in the female head.

“Why am I such a fool?” Is a rhetorical question for humanity as a whole and for every female individual in particular.

“Why am I such a fool?” - the scene of the performance is the brain, and if you are a woman, then this is your brain. Friendship, quarrels, tears, reproaches of six essences of the modern woman: Pride, Horse-riding, Real man, Crybaby, And to me everything ... and Soul.

“Why am I such a fool?” - men call these entities cockroaches, but they have names. Each entity pulls a blanket over itself, one wants to show independence and strength, another wants to be his boyfriend on the board, another wants to handle, pride calls for arrogance, there is one that has everything ... and only a soul is wounded, bandaged and almost nude is always ready to understand and forgive.

“Why am I such a fool?” - Men at this performance have nothing to do: they don’t understand what they need, but they don’t remember what they don’t need. But if you want to take a chance, then go ahead!

“Why am I such a fool?” - the play was made in the fashionable psychodrama genre today - it’s autobiographical. Many women answered the same questions in an interview mode, and a performance was woven from their answers.

“Why am I such a fool?” - A modern woman is rude and romantic at the same time. Requirements for a man are mixed with dreams, prayers with songs, and sex with pickles. She manages to go to the gym and embroider a cross, can fasten the toilet and is involved in politics. She manages to be beautiful and in no way inferior to a man. But she still doesn't know how to be happy.

“Why am I such a fool?” - The contradictions in the play became the main characters of the play. Pride, Horseback Riding, A Real Man, Crybaby, And to me ... and the Soul argue in a woman's head about how to win the Beautiful Prince, and is there a universal recipe for this?