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Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Past events

  • Theater «Commonwealth of Taganka Actors», Moscow
  • Theater «Commonwealth of Taganka Actors», Moscow

Actors and performers

Cast:Anna Dankova
Cast:Daria Mikhaylichenko
Cast:Sergey Batalov
Cast:Irina Klabukova
Cast:Alexey Yemtsov
Cast:Valentin Smirnitskiy
Cast:Igor Pismennyi


The roguish official Bibikov from a certain region “N” is in the capital to “solve” the problems that have arisen. The key to solving them in the form of two million tightly packed in a package is located in the safe of the hotel room and awaits the arrival of the right person. But the "poor" our hero could not even imagine that besides him and his assistant Zhora, Margo would be in the room. A stripper and klofelinschitsa, but in fact a student and just a beauty who really needs money to study. A mass of paradoxical situations and comedic metamorphoses await the viewer in this incredibly funny story. Bibikov’s wife suddenly appeared in a mourning dress and a funeral wreath, Margot on the seventh floor cornice in negligee, and of course the money disappeared.