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Lie detector for sale

Duration: 2 hours

Past events

  • Moscow Theater «Hermitage», Moscow
Rezhisser:Vladimir Nazarov

Actors and performers

Cast:Evgeny Voskresensky, Lyubov Rudenko, Maxim Vazhov

Comedy melodrama!
The performance of the Moscow Musical Theater of V. Nazarov
Based on V. Sigarev’s plays “Lie Detector For Sale”
Cast: Eugene Voskresensky, Lyubov Rudenko, Maxim Vazhov.

      The plot of the play suggests the biblical aphorism "Who is without sin, let him first throw a stone at me" ...
      The drinking husband, apparently from an old habit, hides his entire salary in a secluded place ... And, as usual, forgets where exactly he hid it. A non-standard solution to the problem comes up with his restless and very grouchy wife, inviting a hypnotist to her house ... And here SUCH !!!
      And then the plot takes a completely unexpected turn ...