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Christmas Eve

Duration: 2 hours 40 min

The author of the idea:Nadezhda Babkina
By product:A.V. Gogol

Actors and performers

Saloch, Queen:Nadezhda Babkina
Blacksmith Vakula:Victor Dobronravov / Gleb Matveychuk
Chub, an elderly Cossack:Fedor Dobronravov / Sergey Kolesnikov
Oksana, his daughter:Svetlana Rasskazova
Diak Osip Nikiforovich:Alexander Varnaev
Heck:Sergey Astakhov / Yuri Kataev
Vocal ensemble:"Russian Song" n / a Nadezhda Babkina
Dance ensemble:"Russian Seasons" n / a Nikolai Androsov
Ballet:"Living planet"

If the cloudy weather inspires you with vibes of sorrow, and a trip to sunny Arizona is somehow not expected in the near future, we are already inviting you to a truly fabulous journey! We welcome you on an unforgettable starry night - “The Night Before Christmas”!

The dazzling stars of the Russian sky and the Russian Song Theater will dispel your sadness without a trace, because this evening the production director, the famous and completely unpredictable Nina Chusova, prepared for the audience precious placers of surprises. You are waiting for a magical stage performance, full of brilliant acting performance, an exciting plot, marvelous melodies of Russian and Ukrainian folklore, a multi-color light palette, virtuoso vocal and choreographic scores of the ensembles “Russian Song” and “Russian Seasons”, as well as the show-ballet “Living Planet” . The performance is also unique in the history of the genre: the very first Russian folk musical was staged according to the very first Christmas story in Russian literature. Indeed, a new genre of a folklore story about a miracle and the meeting of a person with evil spirits burst into Russian literature with Gogol's story!

You have to go through the love story of the blacksmith Vakula, who dared to contact the devil for the sake of the capricious beauty Oksana and not lose in this fight. To see how the most media star of the Russian folk scene, Nadezhda Babkina, flying Solokha on a broomstick, flies out at night to collect stars in her sleeve, and then like her, but in the role of the Empress, generously presents Vakula with cuttings! You have to fall under the charm of heartthrob Sergei Astakhov, feel the irresistible magic of Fedor Dobronravov and Gleb Matveychuk ... In short, you have a happy opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of a shining Christmas night, an accomplished miracle, folk humor and adventure - and never part with it!