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Open Yourself Workshop

Duration: 8 h

Past events

  • Open Film Studio «Lendok», St. Petersburg

Reveal yourself - an intensive 8-hour training aimed at developing the skills of public speaking on the stage and in everyday life. The training is designed for a wide audience - businessmen, entrepreneurs, experts in various fields, psychologists, coaches, trainers and all people who want to take their communication skills to a new level.
 You will learn
- invest in words emotions that will have a positive impact on the people around you. Be it relatives or work colleagues.
- write a speech and prepare for a speech in 1 day
- do not follow the public’s lead and lead it along
You will learn:
- how to disclose expertise through public speaking
- How to increase sales using communication skills
- how to get rid of public fear and gain confidence
- how to present yourself
 - TEDx speaker
- Founder of the school of oratory and acting "Crazy Creator"
- Member of the Association of Speakers of St. Petersburg
- Conducted more than 2500 trainings, master classes, performances, concerts and other public appearances
- Trainings, seminars and master classes attended by 10,000+ people
Yuri Golikov (Founder of the network of image studios "South and Company")
Got a lot of knowledge that helps in life, work and communicate. People began to tell me that I began to communicate differently. The benefit is being sure to be on stage when people look at you. It was difficult to overcome the fear of public speaking, but still it turned out.
Olga Skvortsova (Fashion designer and founder of a leather goods manufacturing workshop)
This training has played a very important role for me. I have something to think about, and most importantly, I received answers to those questions with which I came to him. Thank you very much, Yuri, and creative success to you !!!
Elena Afanasyeva (Psychologist, family system therapist)
On the course, I clearly understood what was needed in order to be successful in my work. I became confident that I would be able to cope with the difficulties of expressing myself. Jura, thank you for the great opportunity to open new horizons!
Nikolay Leonov (Owner and founder of men's wardrobe)
The training gives an understanding of how to engage in your public speeches, how to prepare for them, and how to present yourself as vividly as possible.