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Zigzag of luck12+

Theatricals 2 hours 20 minutes

What distinguishes a genius from an ordinary person? That's right, the ability to predict ...

The witty satirical novel by Yuri Polyakov, written in the last century, is more relevant than ever today, when semi-literate, unknown to anyone, in the presence of ingenuity, commercial flair and arrogant self-confidence can easily be turned into bohemian characters or socialites.

Our hero is young, handsome, frivolous and a little arrogant. He is in love, and therefore feels omnipotent and makes a bet: to make an ordinary, unknown person an MEGAstar. The main thing is that no living soul should know about this, except for those who argue ..

The performance is filled with sparkling humor, unexpected twists and will make even the most sophisticated viewer laugh. I want to watch and watch this performance many times. The creators of the play are sure that the mood obtained during viewing will remain for a long time!

Actors and performers

Mikhail Pshenichny, Lyubava Greshnova, Sergey Chirkov, Roman Mayakin, Dmitry Sutyrin, Ekaterina Perevozchikova, Alexander Averin

Past events

Theater «Commonwealth of Taganka Actors»