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Musical comedy "12 chairs"

Duration: 3 hours (with one intermission)

Ostap Bender:

“Maybe you should give me the key to the apartment where the money is? ..”
“The ice has broken, gentlemen of the jury! ..”
"I will command the parade! .."

“12 Chairs” is the result of the five-year work of the theater on Olympic Avenue.

The main achievement of the “first five-year plan” is an application for a new theatrical genre, which was born from a synthesis of classical literature, “live” traditional singing, “speaking” choreography, spectacular scenography, original music, folk and songwriters in a modern way. And this is not a musical ...

The play “12 Chairs” is a fascinating, funny, memorable sight. The achievements of previous productions were embodied in it: on the stage in technically complex scenery a familiar story unfolds, colorful characters live, passions boil, folk songs sound, and centuries-old traditions are intertwined with modernity.

For an experiment in a new genre, the novel by I. Ilf and E. Petrov was ideally suited. Over the ninety years of his printed, cinema, stage life, he is not outdated, he himself became part of folklore - he scattered on quotes. His heroes are still alive: for example, the classic swindler Ostap Bender or Ellochka the ogre, in whose vocabulary there are only thirty words. Do not they meet today?

A staging specifically for the theater was written by Nina Chusova, preserving the easily recognizable author's text and the most striking characters. As a director, she caught the breath of the era of the 20-30s of the last century - the "industrial culture" of new Russia with its humor, songs and dances.