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A simple story... It's about love.

Duration: 2 hours with one intermission

Past events

  • «Theater Valley», St. Petersburg
Regisseur:Irina Kulinich

Actors and performers

Cast: (15.01.2021)

The play " a Simple story...about love " - " a Story about mutual understanding and loneliness, life and death, accidents and patterns, where the main driving force is love."

The play features a constellation of favorite and popular St. Petersburg actors:
Andrew Shimko -Youth theatre on the Fontanka, "Shelter comedian", the Chamber theatre Malyschitsky
Pauline Bakharevskogo - Russian enterprise to them. Andrey Mironov, " the Tale of silver wings"
Anna Ilyushchenko theatre plastics hands "Hand Made"
Artem Buzuk The Estrada Theater

Director: Irina Kulinich

Performance based on the play by Alexey slapovsky "From the red rat to the green star" - three stories about love! Simple, recognizable, very funny and touching to tears!