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Duration: 1 h 20 min

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  • «Theater Valley», St. Petersburg

Actors and performers

Sergey Mardar:Sergei Mardar ()

Musical performance for children and parents "MATARIKI»

Sergey Maradr is an actor of the Alexandrinsky Theater, a performer of the roles "Kar-Karych" and "Sovunya", as well as a vocalist-performer of songs, including in the animated series"Smeshariki". Star of the TV series "Shaman", "Internal Investigation", "Premonition", "Decoy", etc.

It will be interesting and fun for both children and parents!

You are waiting for a lot of songs from "Smeshariki" and not only, quizzes from your favorite cartoons, and all together you can compose a song!

A cartoon will be voiced before your eyes! The mystery of the voices will be revealed to you right on the stage.

And the kids will not have to sit on high chairs – for them a large carpet on the floor and a lot of pillows! And who wants to-can be on the stage.

Kids, take your parents ' hands and hurry to the concert!