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Sold Laughter

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Past events

  • Theater named after Countess S.V.Panina, St. Petersburg

"Tim Thaler or Sold Laughter" – a touching, fantastic story by J. R. R. Tolkien.Krusa, telling the story of a very profitable, but very dangerous transaction . Baby Tim loses his mother and father early. The stepmother makes the boy's life unbearable. The only salvation is his cheerful laughter. One day Tim meets a very strange Mr. named Trech (The Devil on the contrary), who offers Tim a profitable exchange: Our contacts: St. Petersburg Palace of Culture of Railway Workers, 63 Tambovskaya Street, metro station "Obvodny Kanal" Information by phone 457-54-52 E-mail: paninateatr@yandex.ru good luck in arguments in return for laughter. From now on, the boy can solve any financial difficulties. But will he be happier? We invite YOU to the premiere of a scary story with a happy ending to find out how these events will turn out for the hero and whether he will return happiness and ringing laughter. An extraordinary musical performance with magic tricks, surprises, fantastic surprises and a circus show.