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Theatricals 60 minutes without intermission

"The plot of the play" God of War " revolves around two middle-class couples who met to discuss a fight that had arisen between their children. This is a supposedly civilized meeting, covered with external mannerisms and bourgeois politeness, which in the course develops into a tragicomic mise en scene full of swearing and contempt for each other."​

A magnificent duet of two young, beautiful and talented actresses, a dynamic plot, original musical accompaniment, close and catchy topics for any viewer aged from 16 to 60)

The performance is for Women, and for Men who want to know Women.

Actors and performers

Kostiv​​ Miron, Dyumina Ekaterina, Anton Terenyev, Veronika Belousova.

Authors, directors, directors

Konstantin Demidov.

Past events

Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg