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A date for four16+

Theatricals 1 hour and 50 minutes with intermission

Sometimes an unpleasant acquaintance opens up a world of secrets.
Has this ever happened to you? So it will be interesting for you to see what led to an unusual acquaintance in the
play " A Date for four”.
For an hour and a half you will enjoy the game and humor of famous actors
who will show vital and difficult personalities: a successful business lady Marina, who is looking for
opportunities to be alone with a young lover, and a simple, sincere Zoya under the protection of a
jealous husband.
What will just one night in the common room of the hotel lead to?
To the answers to the most important questions of life: what is true love, and is there a place for envy
and revenge in it?
Do you know why this performance has already been seen by more than 120,000 people?
We were able to explain complex things in simple language, and we invite you to experience an amazing love
story together with professional theater and film actors, whom you may know
thanks to popular programs, films and TV series. Every moment of their life lies before
you...like a city. The streets of the city are full of buildings forming days, one of which has become the most important in
their lives.
You are watching their days when love blooms, when love pushes them to rash actions.
A whole city built from ridiculous life situations, misfortunes, revenge, laughter and non-random
This is the best place you can get to. We invite you to
witness the most important night in the life of the heroes, when fate brought such different
and such understandable people together in one hotel room.
Business lady Marina (Svetlana Permyakova), who is looking for opportunities to spend time with her lover
(Denis Buzin) and a village woman Zoya (Tatyana Morozova) under the supervision of a jealous husband (Ivan
The output is an emotional and subtle mixture of humor, love and revenge. Can you imagine what
could come of this? No need to imagine!
Just come and see!
"Date for four” will explain what true love is so that you will
remember this day for a long time with a smile on your face.
There are few good movies, as well as wonderful actors.
To get maximum relaxation and gain a good mood for
the year ahead, we have collected the best of the best.
This performance helps people.
He helped to relax and get answers to important questions
so many people, and now you can join them.
The performance takes place once, there will be no second chance!

Actors and performers

Svetlana Permyakova, Tatiana Morozova, Denis Buzin, Ivan Mokhovikov

Authors, directors, directors

Alexey Shcheglov

Past events

St. Petersburg Theater Music Hall