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Duration: 2 hours with one intermission

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  • Cinema and Concert Theater «Cosmos», Yekaterinburg

When we hear the word "entreprise", a stereotype immediately triggers - it means comedy, and the word "Theater" with a capital letter does not always pop up in our minds - the Theater that will awaken long-dormant feelings in us; the Theater that will shake off the shackles of monotonous everyday life; the Theater that will give Us the Joy of Life.
It is in such a Theater that we invite you to a performance based on the play by Alexander Galina "The Accompanist". The best Russian actors will tell a touching, poignant in their modernity, the story of love, fate, the joy of forgiveness, will give you a spark of warmth that will bring new colors to your life.
The plot of the "Accompanist" is simple, it is prompted by our life. It is about a poor young musician who, in search of a livelihood, found an unusual, but turned out to be very effective, way of earning money. He takes care of elderly people, and those, seeing sincere concern and care, try to thank him and do it with the generosity that is inherent in truly lonely people who have found a loved one again. Who is this accompanist - an extortionist, a fraudster? Or the same lonely person who saw in his wards a long-forgotten parental affection?
Coming to our performance, you will go through a series of comic and dramatic moments, you will laugh until "stomach cramps" and at the same time worry and sympathize with the heroes of the play. Every viewer will find for himself the most intimate thing that is hidden in the depths of our souls.