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Kid, Carlson and Miss Bok

Duration: 1 h 20 min without intermission

Past events

  • «Theater Valley», St. Petersburg
  • «Theater Valley», St. Petersburg

Dear viewers!
The Nevsky Production Center presents to you a new
musical performance "The Kid, Carlson and the Freken Bok".
The uniqueness of this performance lies in the fact that in the
course of the performance, the Kid and his best friend Carlson, who
lives on the roof in Stockholm, will
bring down, curry and treat in every possible way not only
the housemaid Miss Bok, but also pepper
the hapless crooks Fillet and Roll, who
are engaged in theft and robbery on the roofs of the Swedish
The best ghost in the world with a motor, the chief specialist
in jam, cakes and buns, charming and
an attractive man in the prime of life - all this
is a friend of our childhood and a friend of all the kids Carlson!
Hurry up to meet the heroes of the new, children's musical
comedy "Kid, Carlson and Miss Bok".