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Theatricals 1 h 20 min without intermission

In the comedy of the absurd "Obscene proposal" all the characters are not of this world.
Making strange proposals to each other, all the characters of this
fantastic story are trying to find themselves and their place in life.
They do it strangely, clumsily, but honestly and even defiantly boldly.
Having carefully looked at the heroes, it is not easy for us to
sympathize with them, but also to empathize with them, since no one is ever immune
from the loss of landmarks and goals. The struggle with yourself and the proposed
circumstances is the only way to know yourself and
the people around you. Communication, frankness, convincing confessions accompany
the four heroes in their "Obscene proposals". The ending of the story remains
open and this is the truth of life.
"Obscene proposal" - the play legend, the play ghost,
the play obsession. If you have not experienced strong emotions for a long time, then you
are on the right track. The "obscene proposal" is waiting for you.

Actors and performers

Anvar Libabov, Kirill Ulyanov, Elena Karpova, Maria Vasilyeva, Elena Martynenko, Olga Markina, Nadezhda Maltseva, Irina Konopatskaya

Authors, directors, directors

Valentin Krasnogorov

Lyudmila Nikitina

Gennady Morozov

Roman Kaganovich

Anastasia Panfilova

Past events

«Theater Valley»