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And all three of you are my father?!12+

Theatricals 2 hours with one intermission

- Meet my dear, this is my dad!
- How, and this one too?!
... Nastya only knew about her father that he was the hero of her mother's short holiday novel. Therefore, publishing a letter in the newspaper that was not sent by her mother, the girl counted only on a miracle... However, there are not many miracles, and one day they began to appear one by one on the threshold of Nastya's house... fathers, and even what!..

A comedy with the meaning of guaranteed quality from the famous screenwriter Oleg Antonov. The author of scripts for the films "Orphan Kazan", "New Year's detective", "Apostle", "Garpastum", "Devil in the rib, or the Magnificent Four", plays "Deadly Number", "The First Snow", etc.