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Revelations of a loving woman6+

Theatricals 2 hours with one intermission

A frank story about love and separation, about the search for happiness, about forgiveness and faith – all this is from the mouth of the author of the poems and songs that make up this story. Naked feelings are woven into a thin thread into a monologue that glows with hope, expectation of happiness, search for the present and, of course, the sincerity of your favorite songs.

Sensual love lyrics can awaken forgotten feelings in you, stir up in your memory all that once troubled your heart.

Live sound, live feelings, live love, live you…

As an actress, Alena Bikkulova is known for the TV series: "Breathe with me", "The Taste of Pomegranate", "Tatiana's Day", "Bandit Petersburg" and many others. She is the author and the main character of successful performances in Russia and abroad:
– One-man concert about the life of Edith Piaf "Life in pink – La vie en rose – A Woman in Love"
– One-man concert about the life of Anna Herman "Burn, burn, my Star ..."
– One-man concert based on the author's poems and songs "Revelations of a loving woman"

Alyona Bikkulova plays the main role of the Queen of Spades in the musical "The Queen of Spades".

Solo concerts and solo performances by Alena Bikkulova are successfully held in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia and Europe.

Past events

Theater center DKZH St. Petersburg