Theatricals 2 hours 40 minutes with intermission

From the creator of the legendary films "Kin-dza-dza", "Mimino", "Afonya", "Autumn
, the ideal musical show comedy for all times
with the participation of the choreographic ensemble "Iveria" 12+
based on the classic Georgian play of the same name by A. Tsagareli
Russian text by V. Konstantinov and B. Ratser
The artistic director of the theater Galina Danelia
"Khanuma" will relieve you from the blues and charge you with positive emotions. This is a sparkling
comedy performed by wonderful comedians and with the participation of the Georgian
ballet. Tatiana Abramova shines in the main role. Colorful scenery
and love vicissitudes were created by the Theater of George Danelia. A lively and up-to-date
production with a brilliant cast is full of fun music, plastic
sketches, reincarnations, sophisticated tricks and subtle humor with a special
emphasis. The ensemble "Iveria" is a special decoration of the production! The action does not
let go of the viewer's attention for a minute.
When all means are good
The middle-aged and rather shabby prince decided to marry successfully, and in such
a case, Khanuma will accept

Actors and performers

Tatiana Abramova, Igor Lepikhin/ Z.A. of Russia Gennady Spiridenkov, Larisa Klimova/ Z.A. of Russia Marina Ulanova/ Asya Pizhel, z.a.of Russia Gennady Spiridenkov / Sergey Blednykh, z.a.of Russia Vyacheslav Shtyps/ Artem Bordovsky, Evgeny Talashmanov/ Alexander Berg, Anastasia Glez-Petropavlovsk/Yulia Rudina, Arina Jealous, Viktor Kirichek/Alexander Volkov, Olga Yakovleva/ Z.A. of Russia Marina Ulanova/ Tatiana Kozhevnikova, Artists of the Ensemble "IVERIA"

Past events

Palace of Arts of the Leningrad Region